Zeus vs. Wolcott vs ?

I'm looking for a powerful tube amp to drive my big Ohm's -
rated for 450 watts @ 4 ohms. For various reasons, I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Rogue Zeus or the Wolcott mono's. Because of geography, I will NEVER get a chance to hear the Wolcotts without buying them, so an A-B test will not happen for me.
If you've heard these two, PLEASE give me some feedback!
I understand the differences in the features of these two, and the alleged benefits.
Can you suggest anything else which I'm overlooking?
For various objective and subjective reasons, I have ruled out Manley, BAT, and the many amps coming from the far east. No need to elaborate or get off track here.
A couple amps you should really consider IMO are the CAT JL2 (100 wpc but will probably drive harder loads than either amp mentioned) and the ARC ref 300II (if you can afford it). VTL 450's might also be a choice. Of the two you have listed I would think the Wolcotts would be the one to go with......... following my musical priorities that is. However, we don't know your priorities, or what your budget, partnering equipment, room size is etc.

What did you end up with? I am curious about the Wolcotts. I don't need that much power but the write up on them has my interested.

I am building a new system. So far I have Talon Raven"C" speakers (89 dB) and an SAS Audio 11A linestage. I am looking for tube monos, and will add a turntable & CDP. I presently have an old Denon DP62L with Grado cartridge.

Used to have a multichannel system driven by an Aragon 8008x5 and a Esoteric DV50, but sold it to finance the new system.

Appreciate your insights in the mono amp search.