Zesto Audio Customer Service.



I just want to say thanks to George and Carolyn of Zesto Audio !   Without question  the best service I have ever experienced.    Not only is their level of service exceptional,  they are some of the nicest folks you will meet in audio circles.

Long story short, my  Leto preamp had a bad tube socket,  I think (know) someone whacked the tube and damaged the socket ...nothing to do with parts quality.

  Anyway ,  the repair rate was reasonable as were the parts cost.   Many a high end company would hose you on a product that has that MSRP....   You can trust Zesto should you ever need service 100%

While it was there I had George do the ESP Power Supply upgrade.    It sounds incredible,  the noise floor is the lowest of any component I've ever experienced. 

I absolutely love this preamp,  it's a keeper..   



Thanks for sharing. I always make mental notes on which companies stand out (good AND bad) and use that as part of my decision making rationale when making future purchases.

They are first class all the way !!!   Turnaround was quick considering I asked for the power supply upgrade after learning how reasonable my repair was.   It would have been silly to have it return cross country without upgrading it.   It’s built like a tank and has everything I could ever want , so why not ? 

I met George and Carolyn at Toska audio they are down to earth and they have amazing product.