Zerostat or Gruv Glide to rid static?

Hi fellow members,

What's more effective to get rid of static on LPs: Zerostat gun or Gruv Glide? Please tell me your personal experiences with both. I heard Gruv Glide leaves a residue on the LPs which muck up the sound.

Thanks !
Zerostat or carbon fiber antistatic brush. For a carbon fiber brush, I prefer the Audioquest. Avoid Gruv Glide, you don't want to add any exTraneous lubricant to your vinyl to act as a magnet for dust and grit.
I am currently liking the Walker Talisman very much. I have a selection of brushes, as well as the Zerostat. The Walker thing works and doesn't touch the record surface, although it is more expensive. (No affiliation and normally don't endorse products- a civilian/user).
I just got my Talisman and second it. Before using it though, i run my kinetronics brush first over the lp. I am not noticing any static problems so far. And with the heat of August around here my A/C is super drying my home.