Zerostat near cartridge?

Are there any concerns with discharging a zerostat near the cartridge, that is, on a record that is sitting on the platter? Are there any possible negative impacts to be cartridge nearby?  This is not discussed in the instructions, so one would assume no problem, any evidence to the contrary?
I put the record on platter and let it spin.  While spinning I point gun away from cart on to record while using a brush with other hand, no problems.   They say you can Zerostat the cart but make sure amp and pre are powered down.  

Do you mean that you hold the gun at a point of origin near the cartridge but face it away from the cartridge?

Do you need to power down your equipment or just mute it?

I leave the tone arm on the rest and hold gun 4-5" away, pointing away from arm. This being done with everything powered on.  
So if the cartridge sits at say 5:00 relative to the platter, in what location is the gun?  I assume pointing in towards the spindle... Thanks.
Gun is around 7:30-8:00 pointing inline with grooves away from cart at 45 degrees.  I give the gun 2-3 slow cycles with record spinning.  
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