Zerostat for CD's ???

I started treating cd's years ago with a Bedini ultra clarifier and I feel it worked for a small improvement.
It wore out and I replaced with a Furutech RD-2 demag.
It cost me $400 and it did make any difference at all.
I have a Zerostat for vinyl and one day I tried on a cd
for the hell of it. A major improvement in sound no kidding.
A more robust and smooth at the same time. The only problem
is that Zerstats wear out. But since removing static or magnetism in cd's really works has anyone out there have any suggestions for a more powerful solution?
If you check the Mapleshade Records website or the Machina Dynamica website there are a number of powerful ideas to optimize CD and/or vinyl playback.
Either site provides an interesting view of their available items. For the most part, each website presents innovative products unique to that vendor.