Zerostat 3 - Does it really work?

I have almost forgotten I own a Zerostat 3 by Milty. I'm not exactly sure if this works after so long of inactivity. How can I tell or know that it is still working?
My 20+ year old Zerostat continues to work just fine, and it also saw a lot of intermittant inactivity. You may be able to feel a bit of a tingle when pointed directly at your finger, but the best wayto check it will be against an itm that ha accumulated a static charge. I you have a vacuum RCM, its pretty easy to creat a static charged LP by just running several dry revolutions with the vacuum on.
Moisten the back part of your hand and aim the gun at it from an inch away. You should feel a cool stream of air as you slowly pull and release the trigger.

Rushton's comment on the Zerostat is right on the money. The effect of removing any static charge from your lp's is noticable, especially if you have a rug in your music room and the air is dry and warm.

I'm attempting to finish up two projects I've been an for over a year, one a turntable and the other an RCM. I'm incorporating an anti static device on the RCM for sure, and maybe even the turntable if the results on the RCM are rewarding enough.

If you're interested in information regarding static and the problems they create regarding plastic products and surfaces, you can visit They manufacture a wide range of devices to eliminate static charges.

In the fiberglass and cast polymer industry, static charges can present dust and dirt contamination problems as the molds are sprayed with polyester gel coats. I have seen dust and dirt literally fly off a fiberglass mold when exposed to an ionized air charge.

While the Zerostat has been around for many years, by no means is it the only product designed to reduce static problems. In the late 1950's I owned a cartridge made by a company called Audio Dynamics Corp. It was the ADC 1, sold for $50, and had a small square of radium affixed to the underside of the cartridge body. I had it mounted on a table with a second arm fitted with a Shure M3D. I never noticed a difference in performance, with regard to static, between the two cartridges. I also don't recall anyone else producing a cartridge with a radium dot, so who knows.

Shsohis, all this in respons to a simple question; maybe something can be said for offering more information than someone needs!!

My Zerostat works as new
you will smell the ionized air
Ditto with my 24 year old Zerostat!