I do not own a record cleaning machine yet. But i do plan to get one. I dry brush them with a carbon fibre brush for the moment before a playing. I do notice when lifting a record I have played off the turntable platter I get static electricity. Does anyone have experience with a Zerostat and does it work?
The Zerostats, but here's a tip for using your carbon brush so it's even more effective than a Zerostat:

Make sure your hands are dry, and (sorry) lick your fingertips before gripping the aluminum part of the brush (that holds the bristles.) while brushing the record, touch the other hand (or finger thereof) to a good ground (back panel of a component or a chassis screw, you get it I'm sure) That will drain off all the static from the vinyl. I've been doing it for years, and it really works!
Great advice Nsgarch I have been fighting that for years. I never can get that last little amount of dust to come off the vinyl surface. You would think that the maker of the brush would indicate some clues.
One such brush actually has a place for a ground screw. You can attach a very fine copper wire from it to a ground plane. I seldom have the problem but would guess the wire would be more effective than conducting though your body.
I've used a Zerostat for the last 30 years or so. They are easy to use and very effective. If you are thinking of buying a used one, be aware that they do wear out. If there's no "snap, crackle, pop" when you quickly pull the trigger and release it, then the Zerostat is worn out. I've worn out three, and my fourth is getting there.
ALBERTPORTER - Would you be kind enough to give us the name of the brush and info as to where it can be purchased. Thanks.
I am fanatical about keeping the humidity level,in my dedicated room,at an average of 50%.This has kept any static at bey.I have a built in humidifier in my heating system,however there are some really fine,low cost,units that are digitally controlled,which are small and portable,for floor use.Really easy to maintain,too.I have one of these too,and it is fabulous.Any Home Depot sells a variety of these,usually around 60 bucks,on average.I'm talking about heated moisture units.Best of luck.

PS--I use the Decca record brush,and have not got a trace of static.Funny though,my EMI's don't sound as good as my Decca's!
I used to have a problem like that, then I ran a ground wire. I tied it from the bearing housing under the platter to the phono preamp ground. Now when static builds up from cleaning with a carbon fibre brush, it has a path to ground.

Zerostats come in real handy on dry winter days. You can also use them to zap cables. I wouldn't be without one.
For the last few specs of superficial dust, there is nothing better than the compressed air cans you can buy cheaply at Costco. For me, they have worked better than any brush.

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