Zerodust, or similar stylus cleaners

Has somebody used it? Is it safe with the fragile cantilevers in MC cartridges?
As long as you are gentle, its fine. Just "cue" the stylus into the goo and then raise it up a few times, while moving the goo slightly btwn dips. Also search for the thread on the Magic Eraser here on this site.
Yes,,,The Magic Eraser is best and dirt cheap. One eraser pack is a lifetime supply
There are two different forms of the Magic Eraser. Please tell all which one is the recommended one to use?
Yes, Zerodust is safe, just use gently as Swampwalker recommends.


You want a plain white Magic Eraser, not the detergent laden blue stuff.

Anyone who has "how to use" questions can email me for a Word doc that explains safe and proper use in detail.

Zerodust alone is inadequate for stylus cleaning. I've rehabilitated many "worn out" cartridges simply by properly cleaning styli which were maintained by Zerodust or XtremePhono type gels/goops. They aren't aggressive enough to do the job.