Zero 7 fans?

Anyone heard them? Great music to listen to on a nice system.
Yep! They are great! Both "Simple Things" and "When It Falls" are on my top five lists for 2001 and 2004.
they have a strong driving bass quality that is fun and very good music though a little 'over processed' sometimes for my taste. Overall a 'thumbs up' and just another reason to listen to college radio stations...
I LOVE THAT BAND! Thought I was alone out here :)
I purchased the 2004 release "When it Falls" on vinyl and love the sound textures created by this band. Another album I found just last month similar in sound is from a band called Air.
Another fan here. Both CD's.

We have the "Ambient" channel on digital cable in Toronto, and they play them quite often.
I love then too!!!!!!have both CDs,you guys might also like,Telefon Tel Aviv(Map of What is Effortless)
Definitely a new favorite for me. The song "Destiny", from Simple Things is currently available as a free download on Even if it's just an MP3, it'll give you a taste of the group's sound.