Zensati Cables

A relatively new name to me. This is a range of 3 grades of cables, using silver or gold coated OHNC copper cables, from Denmark.

I went to a show in the UK at the weekend and the owner was there demonstating them with a hard disc front end, SS electronics, I'm afraid I can't remember which and Gamut speakers.

The system was unremarkable, the sound was frankly, astonishing, absolutely crystal clear. neutral, lightning fast. Most people in the room were well, astonished.

Ominously, the guy would'nt give an indication of price, partly because he was seeking a distributor at the show and he would partly set the price. I expect it will run from very expensive to HOW MUCH!

Still, in as far as you can single out the influence of cables, they seemed quite remarkable.

Anyone else heard cables from this company? To date they seem strongest in South East Asia and parts of northern Europe. I have no connection with this company.

hi ,

with so much positive responses about High Fidelity magnetic cables, has anyone compare Zensati Cables to HF cables? both seems to convey the same musical presentation when their cables are inserted, and it is not system dependent, it's overall increase in sonic enjoyment! any reply would be welcome.


It is a little bit late ,but I had the opportunity to compare interconnects of Zensati with High fidelity and I must admit that High Fidelity was more resolving,more open sounding, transparent and with more detail. Zensati cables are very good cables but in my system the interconnect of High fidelity changed the whole sound spectrum in a positive way where Zensati was more laid back. Zensati's are very natural and neutral sounding.If you don't use cable loom from one brand and use different brands in your system like me then High fidelity cables really improve your system even by adding one interconnect. It's effect is like upgrading your system with some new equipment. This was not the case with Zensati interconnect. I believe Zensati's should be used as family to benefit most from these cables, but that I couldn't test this yet. (I get better results and much more improvement from Zensati when I tested their power cables.)
Great cables jump on the copper asap!!
After a few months take out the HF cables and then hear the improvements in your system once removed! Can't tell you how many times I've heard audiophiles say this.