Zensati Cables

A relatively new name to me. This is a range of 3 grades of cables, using silver or gold coated OHNC copper cables, from Denmark.

I went to a show in the UK at the weekend and the owner was there demonstating them with a hard disc front end, SS electronics, I'm afraid I can't remember which and Gamut speakers.

The system was unremarkable, the sound was frankly, astonishing, absolutely crystal clear. neutral, lightning fast. Most people in the room were well, astonished.

Ominously, the guy would'nt give an indication of price, partly because he was seeking a distributor at the show and he would partly set the price. I expect it will run from very expensive to HOW MUCH!

Still, in as far as you can single out the influence of cables, they seemed quite remarkable.

Anyone else heard cables from this company? To date they seem strongest in South East Asia and parts of northern Europe. I have no connection with this company.
Krell has been using them since ~2010, and yes, they are insanely expensive, I seem to remember the long IC's used at CES were $30k a pair.
ZenSati cables are as you said clear, fast and very neutral.

I have also listened the power cord #3 to a Viva Solista and to a Vekian dac and made magic.

Feel free to email me for more.
I suspect the price is going to put them way out of my league, unless I change career to a master criminal
Hi Kops

I am MOST intrigued by your comment about Vekian! I am seriously considering one...i currently have a Zanden DAC i acquired second-hand several years ago.

How does it compare to other SOTA digital you have heard? My priority is purity of tonality...and then detail/decay/dynamics. I think the Zanden offers this, but has been surpassed in detail/decay by the latest DACs and has not been a true super-dynamic champ. However, its purity of tonality to me is supreme. Thanks for any guidance!
Hi David,
Being an owner of ZenSati #3 cables on an Audio Research tube setup - I can only say that the cables are indeed fast, clear and neutral.

3m set of #3 speakercables are approx 4000 GBP incl VAT in the UK and the powercables are around 1675 GBP for 1m...
Plafitracer, That's expensive, but not an insane price. Do they have a UK distributor yet? The owner was at the recent Surret show looking for one, he said. You might have bought them from the German or Danish retailers. I know he said he was'nt interested in selling direct.
I have just got the price list from Audio Reference,the mew UK distributor. The lowest level 3 interconnect is now £2050, 2mt Speaker cable £3800, power cable £1730. Too rich for me, I'm afraid. I guess i will have to look out for 2nd hand.
Hi Lloydelee21
I think Vekian dac is the one to go after Zanden.
Very rich sounding dac and dynamic too (not so often found).
I am talking about the latest version.

@David12 please email me.
Hi Kops,

Thanks! just to be clear, you wrote "I think Vekian dac is the one to go after Zanden." I was not sure what this meant...which one do you think i should go for: latest Zanden or latest Vekian Opus? Thank you again!!!!!
Latest Vekian or latest Vekian Opus.
(latest Vekian is way better than first edition Vekian).
Thanks, Kops!!! Great to know, and i have heard original Vekian and was impressed but not enough to make a move. I have heard Vekian Opus is another matter...;) Thanks again!
Kops, unless I am being stupid, the new Audiogon site does not seem to allow contact between members, unless you are buying or selling, strange.
Strange indeed David12 , do keep us posted if you happen to try the Zensati cables in your personal rig.
Not strange at all, it was the only way Audiogon could keep track of sales ad thereby receive their commissions for them....

The commission killed anything communal about this site.... Their traffic is down 1/3 (Check Alexa of you don't believe me!) since the 'new' site went live, forums are down, sales, well I'll let the rumors speak for themselves....
My time here is significantly less, not a fan.

I don't think you and I are the only ones.......

I was at dinner with a local audiophile society and everyone said they had stopped trolling the site, especially the new today section, too bad it was a great place, and for a little while may still be the best place to sell high end gear. I'm just not sure how much longer it will remain relevant.
@David12 That's expensive, but not an insane price.

It can be thrilling to buy such things, and money allocation is a personal choice, but it’s insane. I make and sell a high-tech product, and this kind of markup applied to most any non-audiophile product would be insane.

Audiophilia contains the elements of obsession, addiction, magical thinking, and craving insanely priced exotica delivers a magical “high.” It attracts charlatan providers. A formula for making a million dollars is to distort sound in some way, clear $2000 on each item with the promise of magic, and convince 500 people that your "different" is "magic."
Kennyt , that may have been the intent of it all, but m not sure it's a fix.
Electroslacker, I am not necessarily implying that profit is excessive, the material content is expensive in these cables. There comes a point where ancillaries, like cables, become overkill, in the context of the overall cost of ones system.

I am not talking here, of an arbitrary 10% cost of cables to the rest of the system, I don't believe in fixed percentages. I can think of several costly accesories which have greatly improved my enjoyment. Nordost QX4 comes to mind
David12 you are right there is no more way to communicate between agoners.

Anyway if you like you can contact me to georgeikops@gmail.com.

I am a bit late to this thread having only recently added Zensati to my system.
Back to the OP's comments that he heard amazing sound from an unremarkable system I concur with this 100%.

Placing just one Zensati no3 power cable into several friend's systems, usually into the preamp, lifted the whole musical presentation to jaw dropping levels. All those friends have a Zensati no3 now. Whilst I use two no3 power cords and a no2 IC in my vinyl rig:-)
I totally agree with Vmhf. This power cable is of something special. It opened up my system in a way more so than anything I have tried. For me, this has been the best valve up grade that really works. Are they insanely priced? Well, sometimes with our hobby, it is hard to define what is an justified spending and what has become an obsession. To me, just one on the pre-amp does it!

hi ,

with so much positive responses about High Fidelity magnetic cables, has anyone compare Zensati Cables to HF cables? both seems to convey the same musical presentation when their cables are inserted, and it is not system dependent, it's overall increase in sonic enjoyment! any reply would be welcome.


It is a little bit late ,but I had the opportunity to compare interconnects of Zensati with High fidelity and I must admit that High Fidelity was more resolving,more open sounding, transparent and with more detail. Zensati cables are very good cables but in my system the interconnect of High fidelity changed the whole sound spectrum in a positive way where Zensati was more laid back. Zensati's are very natural and neutral sounding.If you don't use cable loom from one brand and use different brands in your system like me then High fidelity cables really improve your system even by adding one interconnect. It's effect is like upgrading your system with some new equipment. This was not the case with Zensati interconnect. I believe Zensati's should be used as family to benefit most from these cables, but that I couldn't test this yet. (I get better results and much more improvement from Zensati when I tested their power cables.)
Great cables jump on the copper asap!!
After a few months take out the HF cables and then hear the improvements in your system once removed! Can't tell you how many times I've heard audiophiles say this. 
Could you please explain what is the effect when you remove HF cables from system?