Zen Triode Amp SE84C

Any Zen users out there? This is my first step into the world of tube amps. At $499 it's a small step, but a step!
Pros & Cons on this amp?
Just make sure your speakers are above 92 or so sensitivity, otherwise the amp will run out of steam too easily.
I would try it. You can return if it's a no-go, and you might learn something about your CDs or CD player that you did not know before! I own two 84Bs.
Try the Antique Sound Lab Wave 8 monoblocks. They are push-pull with 10 watts. Price is better at $240 a pair. Also look into a pair of NORH Le Amp monoblocks. They are $495 a pair but are solid state and rated at 100 watts. These two amps are really good for the money if you end up not liking the Zen.
I am a new owner of a SE84C Select. I am blown away with it. Not quite enough power so, I will be adding a second to use as mono's. The quality of the sound has more than impressed me. I have heard that the Zen Select is a rather large improvement over the standard SE84C. It's cost is $695. I have heard that no one has ever returned one due to being dissapointed with the sound quality, only due to not enough power. Adding a second amp (either now, or in the future) will drive most reasonably efficient speakers to a decent level.