Zen Torii Mk 3 vs LFD Zero LE Mk 4 Signature

Can someone please share their experience from listening to Zen Torii Mk 3 and British made LFD Zero LE Mk 4 Signature integrated amp, and about the sonic differences / similarities between the two.

As If now I have not heard either amp and have only heard great things about both and there is no information about the comparison of 2 online. Any information would be very useful.

thanks a lot
Tough one. I imagine few people have heard both. For what it's worth, I've had a number of SET amps (421A, 45, 300B, 2A3) in my system from time to time. No two SET amps sound the same anyway, but I'd say the LFD MKIV midrange and sense of clarity and presence is within the slimmest of margins of sounding like its in the SET family. It is also sweet, extended and beautiful. And of course it has better drive, better low end grunt, runs cool and I can just leave it on all the time.
thanks Wilsynet, I agree its hard to find someone who has heard both.
I have the Torii.....and Señor Wilysnet just lives down the street..come on over for a visit sometime soon:)
Yes, really do need to visit some time ...
Please man :-). I have a cold and tastey beverage to go with the Tekton Pendragons......
hehe thanks a lot guys :) I appreciate the invitation.
BTW, Morganc, I have decided to go with Torii Mk3 for now. How you liking your's.