Zen Stream - How to limit Qobuz streaming to 96Khz


I have a Zen Stream (with a S Booster) and I'd like to try Qobuz as it seems SQ is a bit better (presently with Tidal). I plan to buy a Border Patrol Dac but this Dac is limited to 96khz. I think we can limit the output to 96Khz with an Innous streamer but I was wondering if the same can be done with the Zen Stream. I did not find anything in the ZS app and I was wondering if this can be done in the app or otherwise.

PS : I would use an iPad / MConnect to control the streaming.




You can go to the Qobuz website and go to settings>streaming and you can set the resolution there.  I started with Tidal, but once I tried Qobuz there was no going back — more hi-res music, better user interface, and none of the silly unfolding business or MQA BS.  I run Qobuz through mconnect, and I highly recommend you drop the $5.99 on the HD version as it doesn’t have the restrictions of this Lite version and probably has fewer problems.  Hope this helps. 

I am curious to learn your reasoning for considering a DAC that wont’t allow you to take advantage of Qobuz’s high resolution streaming. I never enjoyed files that are either downsampled or upsampled, they just don’t sound natural to me. 

Thanks for the answer Soix. This is exactly what I was looking for (by the way, I already have the MConnect  HD version). I noted that you also use the Zen Stream. Just to let you know that the ZS responds VERY well to a better power supply (I had the wallmart power supply with my ZS). Significant upgrade. 

Latitk: Interesting comment. I fully understand your point re ‘sound natural‘. I prefer Tidal Hifi (redbook) over Tidal MQA (sounds more natural to me) and the Border Patrol Dac is a NOS Dac that, as per my readings, sounds natural (I will chose natural sound over the last bit of detail anytime). However, I was not aware that downsampling to say 96khz can have that effect on the sound. Is it very significant?


I have previously subscribed to Tidal.

Currently have Qobuz on trial. There's no going back. Qobuz is staying. Better sounding, no MQA, more HiRes, and cheaper.