Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III

Looking to upgrade from bluesound vault 2 to something better. Trying out a Node 2021 at the moment but the difference is not huge. The Node goes USB into an Aesthetix Romulus and the Vault goes in over coax. Interestingly, while the Node is the source I can play file from the Vault hard drive. Would like to know if spending a multiple of the cost of the Node to get into a zen is going to be really noticeable. Thanks


I faced this question a while back and chose the Innuos Zen Mk3. I've been very happy with the choice. The sound is clear and natural, and the Innuos Sense software is easy to use and optimizes sound quality. As carzmaguy88 pointed out, the Zen costs only a little more than the Mini after adding the external power supply. 

Ahh, you are working with Johnny. He knows his stuff and will be a better guide than most of us.

I believe he is selling Aurilac, so you'd be able to demo it, too.

Tell him I said, Hi.


Johnny also sells Innuos and Aurender so you may be able to compare all three. He always has great advice and he’ll probably let you audition at home. 

Started this adventure with John 25ish years ago and the gear he set me up with still sounds great. Made some changes but the core VPI Quicksilver Vandersteen still works wonders.  Now digital

It's fantastic that you're going to be able to demo and compare three good brands like that. One thing to pay attention too is the interface which you will interact with constantly, if you're not using Roon,  each brand has a proprietary app. I use Auralic and find their LDS app to be excellent and a big selling point for me.