ZEN cartridge ?

I have a "ZEN" (that''s the name in the front with gold letters) cartridge and can't find any information about it. In the back has a numbe rthat looks like is the serial: EQ41 or E041 in white letters that seems to be writen aat hand. Has black body, gold stylus cover and is gold and varnished wood top. Would like to find some info about it.... can you help me?
thanks in advance
There is a ZENN cartridge. Not sure if that's it or not. Could you post a pic or two of it? You can't post pics on here, but maybe on Photobucket or something like that and give us the link.
The Zenn cartridges were marketed in the U.S. under the Klipsch brand name. They were artisanal Japanese cartridges hand made by a gent named Hibino. I have an MCZ-7 in my collection and it is quite nice.

Regrettably, the Hibino cartridges had a round, aluminum body and this description does not match that of the OP.
What shows in front is ZEN. this is the link for the


Maybe Zen is the model; in the vinylengine's cartridge
database there is a Sato Musen brand that has a Zen
model, but there is no photo so can't tell for sure if
this is the one or not.
I ask this same question here in the past but couldn't
find the information that I was looking for.
Jorsan...I found this link. You need to scroll down the page a little to see the ZEN cartridge picture.

It is indeed a Sato Musen!

Great detective work.
Here are the translated specs:

Price \ 59,000
■ power generation method MC type
■ output voltage 0.2 mV (5 cm / sec 1 kHz)
■ needle pressure 1.7 g ~ 2.2 g
■ reproduction frequency band 20-20,000Hz
■ Channel separation 27 dB (1 kHz)
■ channel balance 
■ compliance 8 × 10 -6 cm / dyne
■ load resistance 30 ohms
■ load capacity 
■ internal impedance 30 ohms
■ needlepoint 0.6 mil
■ own weight 10g
■ exchange needle actual item exchange (\ 39,500)
■ released 1981
■ discontinued 1988-89 circa
■ remarks price 1981 those of circa
sapphire cantilever adoption.
Prof. Hiroaki Hibino, a long time user of Klipsch speakers,
was not satisfy with the dynamic performance of the regular
carts and designed his own. He demonstrated his cart to Paul
Klipsch who was so impressed that he ordered 4 (?)models
with different cantilevers to satisfy different subjective
preferences. Those are known(?) as 'Klipsch MCZ -' carts.
Later on Hibino produced 'the same' cart under his own brand
name 'Zenn MCZ'. If I remember well the cantilevers were:
aluminium, boron, sapphire and diamond. I own the Klipsch
MCZ-2 with aluminium cantilever.
Mofimadness, great detective work.

Interesting to see a cartridge with a sapphire cantilever and conical stylus; that's a first for me. I do have a Kiseki Purple Hear Sapphire and it is a great sounding cartridge, but it has a line contact stylus.

So how does the Zen sound?
wow !!! what a great job people, I really appreciate all information and "detective work" . I didn't try it yet, I have it for more than a year but never use it. Will see how it works in the near future. Looks like it is a rare finding.
If someone have more info please add it here, will be a good source for future fellow 'gners interested in this same cart.
According to the user manual provided by my MCZ-2
(aluminium cantilever) the specs are nearly identical.
The only difference is compliance depending from the
cantilever but not worth mentioning. The specs as
provided by comrade Mofimadness need some corrections:

Fr. range : 20Hz-45 KHz
Impedance : 2 Ohms
VTF : 1,8 +/- 0,3 g
Weight : 5,1 g
Nandric...we have determined this is NOT a ZENN, but a Sato Musen "ZEN" model. So, the specs I posted, (which came directly from the website I linked above) are correct as far as we know anyway.