Zen amp: Worth upgrading to Select version?

I just discovered the Zen amp magic after pairing with the AES AE-3 preamp last night. It sounds wonderful on my Axiom M22Ti.
Frankly, I can't really tell if my 300B SET sounds better or not (need more critical listening).

Anyway I wonder if it's worth $150 to upgrade from SE84C to SE84C-S (Select) version? I mean do the $150 pay off for the upgrade in term of sound quality?

I would really appreciate if anyone who use both can give me some comparison thought on them.


Hi Ake,
I don't think it's worth it. The Zen is very excellent as it is and the Select can be considered 'too revealing' which unless you're sources are perfect, could be a drawback. In other words, it might improve your sound but not necessarily.
Tom Schuman
The only qualifed person to answer your question is Steve at Decware. Tell him what you have and he will give you the straight deal.
If you post this message on the Decware forum, I'm sure you'll get many replies. I'm auditioning a Decware Zen Select in my system tomorrow. I can't wait!!



I upgraded a C to a CS, and IMO it is very worthwhile. The rest of your system just needs to be very good, not perfect. You get more transparency, detail, musicality, and a bit more punch from the upgrade.