ZCable Impressions

Seeking impressions from anyone who has heard ZCable brand audio cables. I would appreciate hearing about any of their products. God bless.
It seems their people came from Kimber Cable and founded a 'new' company. Looks like they use government released technology, buy from Belden, put it in cool jackets and then sell to the consumer. I would buy some of their cables just to try single core wire...
The correct name is ZuCable, rather than ZCable. I tried contacting them as a dealer inquiry, but didn't hear back.

I am sceptical about their all copper spades (no plating). What I've heard they believe, and it's pretty much true, is that where the copper is tightly sealed against the binding post and nut, it's air-tight and won't oxidize. Sound still has to travel over though the spade to get to the binding post though, and the higher frequencies will travel along their surface. Since oxidation can occur in the open area where it is not air-tight, it seems vulnerable to oxidation, which will hinder the sound. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say in this regards.

Jeff, I have been a little confused by this having bumped into posts referring to ZuCable. Would you verify that the cable company you refer to is the same as what is available at www.zcable.com? Thanks and God bless.
There are two different companys. ZCable and ZuCable. They both have websites, just add .com