Many nice gents in this site, highly reputable common folks audiophiles like @lalitk @wig and others have mentioned these, so it’s probably time to create a specific thread on Zavfino, a direct sales cables company based in Canada with presence ‘ distributors in US, also direct:

I took the advice of these folks with a power cord, the Prima MK2

I could not be happier with this cord, something that would easily cost $2,000 or even $3,000 from other better known cable makers. It’s outstanding, for about $500. Absolutely amazing build, and packaging too. It sounds great, very quiet. I am sure the cheaper PC, the Majestic at $390 is very good too: 
I now have the Prima speaker cables on my way. Call me “sold”.

No BS, truly top quality cables company that flies under the radar. Very affordable too. Take a look. No relation to the company, just a happy first time customer, thanks to my Audiogon friends here

Dear @thyname  : I  know Zavfino from several years now and before they made the cryogenic in its cables. I use the silver ones in the internal tonearm wires and performs excellent nad competes even against the Audio Note silver wires.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


@lalitk  and  @thyname I stand corrected and guess what I had it set up correct from the jump. May flip them around and see it it makes a darn bit of difference though. 🤣😂🤣😁😉

@lalitk...thanks to you as well.Appreciated!.I have some ic's that the maker says non-directional.I say they sound best a certain way to my ears/system.Done.

@thyname @lalitk @juanmanuelfangioii

The Nova’s are directional, and it matters...guess how I know?

Thanks to thyname, I realized my right speaker cable was reversed.

I just switched the direction.

The difference was obvious immediately. The right channel is louder now and not surprisingly, the sound stage/channel separation is much better.

I got the SCs in December so a couple months of use. I must have missed the instructional diagram. I’ve been fussing with speaker position and listening position but ultimately thought it was the room (open plan kitchen/dining/living room/office - width more than twice the depth) so normal for my environment, and by this time my brain had forgotten how system sounded with the previous cables (also directional but with helpful arrows).

If I didn’t hear this so clearly for myself I would have doubted the effect of directionality. My theory was that the directionality of speaker cables were really set during break-in and that arrows were there to keep things ’organized’.

But, Zavfino burns them in using high voltage so my guess is the current I’ve put through them so far is trumped by the factory burn in process.

Perhaps it will get even better with time?

Anyway, thanks for helping me solve a problem I did not know I had.