Zardoz set up

Mostly interested in current owners impressions and set up. Please describe which version of this modified Airport Express you are using.

I do not own this product but I am interested in making a purchase and I am trying to gather more information from user experiences.

Hey Luis. As I mentioned, I have a formal review coming soon. I started with a PC-based WiFi rig. I had some early issues with my security software and the Iphone/apple remote interface. My PC croaked and I bought a Mac Mini and have not looked back. So....

Mac Mini>Apple Time Capsule router>Zardoz Ultimo

The sound? relaxed and yet detailed....analogue in a word. I can sit and listen to music for hours.

It is a wonderful one box digital solution and a relative bargain IMO.

Thanks for the response. Pat mentioned you are are an avid fan. I was negotiating a purchase but do not like to buy blindly especially since PS Audio is making a statement.

Look forward to your review of the Ultimo which I believe may be superior than the piece I was interested in.
Luis, I have finally posted my review of this device: