Zanden DAC owners

After listening to most of the current crop of top DACs, decided to go with the Zanden DAC for its amazing capabilities in the areas of resolution, musical communication, and organic, natural way with music. If you have this unit, you know what I'm talking about-the 6 moons review was dead on.

My question is: what transport/cabling/connector combination do you use to wring the utmost out of this amazing unit? (Many think that BNC is the way to go on this but there aren't many BNC Transports)The new Zanden transport (oh my!) was just introduced at CES but there's still no pricing on it. Was considering the Accustic Arts transport on a very short list. Anyone try this with the DAC? Any other recommendations?
Yes, very "complete" review. I inquired about this dac and others in the forums but no replies, until this post popped up. You will want to check into the transport I mentioned in a few postings below on the new Kalista transport, I think it's gorgeous, from Japan also. Hi-Fi+ issue #27. Another transport to consider would be something from CEC.
I used a Goldmund 36, a CEC TLO MK Improved, A.Arts, and settled on the Ensemble Dichrono with BNC Ensemble digital cable as the best match. Hamonix power cords and cables also were spectacular.
The Accustic Arts transport is a great one. I use it with an Audio Note DAC. Some people believe it beats the CEC transports. I also use the Norvana T2 digital cable which is a BNC cable. You can use cheap gold-plated RCA adapters from Radio Shack for the end that is not BNC if you need to. Nirvana says this does not reduce the quality of the sound.
You can have a world-class transport with a good Sony DVD player, such as the DVP-S7700 (~$200 used) with mods ~$500.
This is the best possible DAC to have from my point of view. I have one and I feel very lucky to have it.
You should of course aim for the zanden transport (I am!) this point, i have a lot more humble transport Steve McCormack. I think it is a good transport. It is of course not in the same class as Zanden.
I also think 47 lab flatfish is really really good. I used to have it and loved it. In fact, I think it was a mistake to sell it. (on the bright side, i made very good friends with the gentleman who bought it).
In summary, based on my limited experience, i would suggest the gorgeous zanden transport or the 47 lab flatfish.
best wishes.