zanden cd2500S

I am looking after a cdplayer to match with my audionote sytem; i heard many cd players :arc cd7,nagra cdp,audionote cdt two+dac 4.1,emm labs cdsa se,ZANDEN CD 2500S.
At the moment,i pefer the zanden in term of color, fluidity ,inner details but there's kind a lack of energy ,dynamism compare to the arc ,emm labs or the audionote.
does anyone heard this cdplayer?
is it a problem of non-compability with my preamplifier?
I have not heard the Zanden's new cdplayer but I do have
the Zanden digital combo that I can provide opinion of. The sound should be comparable, however I expect the 2500s to be a bit less resolving(being less than half price,one would think, although i could be wrong) If you are coming from emm labs, or dcs combo or Esoteric (Audio note digital-i don't know why but Audio note should be comparable to Zanden), you will find Zanden to be less dynamic in comparison, especially if you use preamp other than Zanden preamp or Preamp that tend to warm up the sound further. I had Mbl6010d preamp and 9008a monos (which are voiced on warner side) with my zanden combo and sound was definitely warmer, but otherwise great, believable, non offensive sound. As I added Zanden preamp the sound opened up and added more fluidity , air and dynamics. It became even more open and complete when I added the Zanden 9600 monoblocks. So it may be the equipment selection up the chain. Go with neutral preamps,amps and cable, if you want the best out of Zanden. But overall, No doubt zanden
sounds 'less' dynamic compared to other emm labs or DCS.
In my opinion though zanden is just perfect when matched
right, the others may be artificially overtly dynamic. It brings instruments close to life most of time
unlike anything I have heard, including my three well set
up analog sources. My houseguests have been fooled in believing they are hearing real thing. Hope this helps!