Zanden 6000 integrated vs CJ ET5/LP125 pre-power

I am in the process of rebuilding my setup. The goal is to simplify the setup and as much as possible stick to the same brand for both pre and power. My speakers are Tannoy Turnberry SE which will be happy with 70-80 watts of clean power. I have a good offer on the Zanden Model 6000 and the only other option I am looking at is CJ. For about the price of a used Zanden I can probably pull of a ET5/LP125 combination. My listening varies from Metallica to Mozart with a good dose of Michael Jackson and CCR thrown in. So I need an all rounder thats agile, dynamic and timbrally accurate. Will appreciate some suggestions on these two options.
Has no one heard the Zanden ?
I have not heard the Zanden. I have spent much time w/ CJ gear over the years and it is an all-around player. Based on your mucial tastes go for the CJ combo.
The Zanden 6000 is a very neutral amplifier. But not clean or so. It manage to have the music flows. Very good dynamics,etc, in fact it is the best integrated amplifier according to me. The CJ-combo is not neutral, it adds some colouration, minor.
So, what do you want? A very neutral amplifier with a very good bass and very great dynamic or an  amplifier with some colouration? But beware, the Zanden needs some 200 hours at least breaking in time. And with the new tubes KT 120.........ah
kolatab, the Zanden defienitely sound more like my preference. I did hear the CJ combo couple of days back. It was nice but not great. Thanks for the information.