Zanden 300B's and cables?

Any Zanden fans out there? need some suggestions re: cables, I've been looking at the Acapella's, the MIT Oracles V 2.1's, and the Cerious stuff... But, I'm open to ideas? can you help a brother out!
May I suggest you look into the Purist Audio Dominous. It to me, is the best cable available.
great, have you tried these with Zanden's? if so what's the sound? warm, detailed, etc...
I had Zanden and Dominus and it sounds like almost nothing is in the signal chain, which is what you want, especially with Zanden's design philosophy of less is more. It allows the genius of Yamada's electronics to come through without any editorializing, and just lets it do what it does so well. Gorgeous and lifelike, truly compelling!
I am using the Stealth indra and the Purist anniversary (two of the very best) between the ZAnden dac and the Zanden preamp and the Dominus ic between Zanden pre and power whit great results!
The dominus fluid sounds full,warm whit enough details the purist anniversary sounds full,very rich treble and more micro dynamics...