Z Squared Python Model Power Cord

Has anybody tried this power cord?
I haven't but I just got through talking to someone DuncanMccloud who is selling one, I bought one of their(Z squared) interconnects and was greatly impressed and wanted to know why he is selling their cord. He told me he prefers Cardas Golden Reference, which I too prefer but over Ps Audio so it was more curiosity on my part, hope this helps.
I've got their Elite I power cords (2 of them), an Ultra cord, and the Topline interconnect. I really noticed an improvement in my system with the Elite I going from the wall to the power condition (from which CD and integrated amp play). I was concerned about the thin gauge wires, but that does not appear to have limited the dynamics in any way. Heard a noticeable improvement over my Acoustic Zen Tsunami, particularly in the bass.