Z-squared Elite II's and Au/Au interconnects

Have many of you tried the Z-squared Elite I and/or Elite II power cords or their top of the line Au/Au interconnects? I was/am very surprised of the dimensionality (is that a word?) and extension that these cords offer when used together. I did a side by side with ProSilways and Magiclinks connecting my Tjoeb 4000 to my SP16L and onwards to my Odyssey dual mono amp. I am running 2 Elite II cords from my amp to dedicated circuits. I have all these on loan for their 30 day trial and am impressed to say the least. Do any of you have any experiences to share on any of their products? Just wondering if I'm hearing things (always a good thing in audio). With so many fly by night cable companies proclaiming their goods, this was a pleasant surprise. (I'm not connected or vouching for them by the way, I assure you), just curious on feedback.
I am using AU/AU balanced ic's an Elite I for the
Audio Aero Capitole MKI,and a Elite II for the amp.
Also have a Python for the sub, and the Z-cube conditioner.
Still using Audience AU24 for speaker wire .
I am finding out same as you ,kind of shocking realism that I never had before .A seemingly real look into the recording and not hinding anything.The music seems to flow like never before and as loud as my speakers will go these cables can handle it. Never breaking up or loosing resolution,and never in your face.Very remarkable.
I still want to change something but it won't be the cables.
Very,very impressed.
I can't say I have heard everything but I am liking these
Just my $.02.
I've had the same experience with their Au/Au IC's. They are more transparent and livelier in our system than the $1600 HT Cyberlight IC's were. They are better than at least 10 other IC's I've tried, pricey one's too! When I say 'better', I mean they reveal more of the music than any of other others.

I've got two of their PC's on the way for our Quicksilver monoblocks.

Outstanding cables, IMO.
I just received an Elite I powercord this week and was very impressed. Bass had more impact and was very tight. More detail and resolution at the high end without brightness. I listened to Mark O'Connor Heroes and the last cut with the Indian violinist was amazing. Using this cord I really felt like I had a new level of dimensionality with several drums (Tablas?) playing all over the place.

I'm curious about trying their interconnects and am considering a second cord.