Z-Squared Audio

Are these cables any good?
Obviously, all cables are system dependent. That said, in our highly transparent SET/horn system, we ran the gamut of the following interconnects:

Signal Cable Analog 2, DH Labs BL-1, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal, Audience AU24, Harmonic Tech III, Verastarr Silver Reference, Argent Audio Jaden Signature, and perhaps some others--I can't remember. The Z-Squared Au/Au are the most balanced, clear, and certainly revealing of the lot, with the Verastarr's a close second. The Z-Squared offer a little more in the low mid-bass than the Verastarr. Every other cable in its own way had the effect of distancing us from the music, or smoother over the sound--highs in particular.
So in my experience, yes, they are excellent.
Sorry, the Harmonic Tech should have read ProSilway MKII.
I have the Copperhead ic's, and have been very impressed. I've tried several different ic's, and these are going to stay for a while.
Z-squared,are they any good?
About 2 months ago I bid on the A'gon auction for a Elite 1
power cord AU/AU and a pair of xlr ic's also AU/AU .

Usually when you try a new cable you're lucky if you can stand the first couple of hours of it in your system, you know what I mean. Well this stuff passed the first test and I was immediately impressed with the clairity and immediacy without the forward sound .
So after a few days in still impressed and had to reinsert the old cables just to be sure and well the old ones lost out bigtime and have since bought a Z-cube and pyton power cord and a Elite 3 ,
So now its has been about 1 1/2 weeks with the Z-squared powers and ics,and it's all a keeper .
Clean ,clear,and resolution to the nines.Finally after all these years the brightness and brittleness is finally gone . If you check out my system you'll see that it is simple and has some quality gear.
So I am kind of a cable nut and am always willing to give new stuff a try but I won't be craving a change for sometime to come .