Z-7 planar ribbon loudspeaker opinions wanted


I'm only interested in 2 channel at this point. I realize that this company has designed a 5.1 system using the "Z" series speakers but I simply don't have the room for a 5.1 system!

And they're in my price range - $1,000.00 US a pair.

I heard these planar ribbon loudspeakers last week (in less than ideal conditions - the room had echo) and was impressed. I wasn't expecting so much clear, accurate bass from a mere 5.25 inch (aluminum cone) shielded driver! The specs say the frequency range is 45Hz - 30kHz but it seemed deeper to me. Smooth highs as you would expect. Very nice!

I hope to hear them again.

Has anyone else ever heard them? Any comments?

Right now I'm using Unity Audio "Fountainhead" speakers so that's my "reference" speaker. With McIntosh tube amps (MX110 / MC240) and listen to pop, rock, vocals (i.e.: Nat King Cole), some jazz, and classical.

Thanks in advance!

Toronto Canada
If you like the ribbon tweeter you should also check out Raw Acoustics located in Langley, B.C., at http://www.rawacoustics.com/. I believe Al has a pair of HT-3s circulating around for demo purposes. If you're handy, you can order some of the speakers as a kit and save a bundle.
The tweeter is very nice and the high point. Unfortunately the midrange is quite colored. voices sound as if they are speaking or singing through cupped hands. If you could fix this, you would have a nice, resolving speaker. The problem is not as noticable when using a sub.
Do the Z-1s have this same "cupped hand" midrange problem?
I have not heard the z-1 but I read a review on Audioholics and I think they mentioned the mids were recessed or something but it was a positive review.