Yuseff Lateef Prestige/Moodsville Question

I found a pretty nice early stereo copy of Yuseff Lateef's 'Eastern Sounds' this afternoon. The only thing about it is that the record itself has green 'Moodsville' labels. Does anyone know how this record was originally issued? I thought it was black&yellow fireworks label, but maybe not?
The original 1961 stereo release of 'Eastern Sounds' is on Moodsville with a Green Label and Silver print (MVST-22[S]).

The Prestige Yellow Label pressing of 'Eastern Sounds' is a reissue of Moodsville 22 and was not released until 1964.

If I'm not mistaken there is also a later reissue of the Moodsville Green Label on Fantasy Records (OJC)which should be noted on the cover.
This is not an OJC. Definately original. Good to know. A few ticks but very playable and a good find. Thanks!