Yup Power Cords

For the last year my system has sounded fine, but something was missing. It was clean, clear, full, spacious, but lacked emotion. Great but sterile sound.
Then on a lark I decided to buy some inexpensive AQ power cords.

Uh huh! ! ! PRAT ! ! !

They transformed the sound and added emotion. I hear things that I never heard before. I didn't believe that power cords could make such a difference. I had been through several speaker cables and interconnects. Start with power cords folks. They have made a huge impact on the sound of my system. I have read the arguments over cable and cords and interconnects, and I can't understand it, but it is the best and cheapest tweak with the largest impact to my system. I am truly stunned by this.

I know many of you do not believe any cables make a difference, but I hear differences in most cables in my system. If fact a cheap silver interconnect is now my favorite, and before I could not stand anything silver in the chain. Go figure!

Let the discussion begin.
Those that dismiss power cords will say that if the gear has a well designed power supply the cord does not matter.

What I think they forget is... if that well designed power supply is fed inadequate power, it will have to work hard to make the gear perform, no matter how good it is made.

There is also the garbage in theory of course.

A power supply can always be better. There is always a price point in the design. If a better cord makes the power supply's job easier, then the sound should improve.

Why do you think they have "hospital grade"? Do you want a cheap power cord and wall outlet on the respirator keeping you alive?
I thought hosspital grade meant it won't spark wth all those oxygen tanks around etc. As far as a cord cleaning up the power, I have yet to see even a manufacturers explaination how that happens. They usually just talk about the soundstage whatever, and then those who are wisely silent about any explaination other that we know what we are doing with advanced materials.

Rats - You're right about what "Hospital Grade" means. They're far smarter than to believe a power cord has an effect on the equipment.
Not only do I use quality upgrade power cords, but I also have my equipment connected to a line conditioner.
After a power cord upgrade people comment about hearing things they didn't hear before with the stock cord. We're actually just hearing the details we couldn't hear before due to a dirty and inadequate power supply.
We don't hesitate to spend money on upgrading interconnects and speaker cables in an effort to improve the sound. Doesn't it make sense to put some money into upgrading our power supply as well? We have to connect our precious equipment to the power that our local utility sees fit to supply us with. Anyone with a line conditioner that has a meter on it can watch the fluctuations in the incoming power. Stabilizing the power with a conditioner helps our equipment run more efficiently. Connecting our equipment to that stabilized power with upgrade power cords takes it one step further.
I know not everyone agrees that power cords make a difference, but in my opinion if something makes my system run more efficiently and sound better, as a dedicated audio enthusiast it's a no brainer!
Like most everyone else, I have wasted more than my share of money on tweaks that don't work. I've also spent a lot of money on tweaks that do work. Upgrade power cords are one of those items.
Let the discussion continue!
Merry Christmas everybody.
Some audio systems use respirators to stay alive!
I've been told some amazing things about the drop in the noise floor from someone who uses the bybee power cord on his amp. Has anynone else used this pc and found similar results?
If you are not using a line conditioner then the power chord will make a huge difference. I use both an Adcom ACE 515 and Cardas Hex Chords. I have heard the biggest benifit is from putting one on your power Amp. Now if you have a dedicated line for power then a line conditioner is not that important and just go with power chords. My approach was a decent line enhancer amd a decent power chord and like you said you will here a difference.
The electric that powers your speakers began at your wall plug. That is all you need to know that cable work.
Zilla - You are on to something. Listen to your ears.

Snofun3 - OMG! If you are a "naysayer" now, you may not be... just live in disbelief. If you really ARE curious IF powercords make a difference, you own a component that had the largest improvement of all my history in power cords. The Martin Logan SL3's. If you are using the stock "tooth floss" power cords, do yourself an enormous favor and try an inexpensive power cord. It was years ago for me and I used a pair of the original Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler... They can probably be had for about $100 each. It is amazing how a few thousand dollar pair of speakers can be improved immensely by a couple hundred dollar pair of power cords. How they work? No idea. Did I seek out power cords? Nope. It was a very similar experience to Zilla's who started the thread... just didn't beleive anything could happen with a 5 or 6 foot peice of "extension cord" wrapped in nice black sheathing. Then a friend left a few extra power cords over one weekend for me to just "try and see if I can notice a difference." In that system, I would have been partially deaf to NOT notice the improvements. What those power cords did to those panels was incredible. May want to look into purchase of two $100 SR AC Master Couplers, and you can always resell them with only shipping loss if they don't contribute to the system.

One other thing I have noticed regarding power cords, sometimes the effect is much more noticable, or stronger in certain areas than others. Living in a townhome/condo area the power cords made an enormous improvment. Living in suburban housing developments they still made an improvement, although not as vast.
Audiofankj - I use Transparent Power Cords throughout my system including Super level Power Cords to my M-L Ascent i's, so I feel rather comfortable in the reality state in which I'm living, thank you.

I have tried other cords, and if there was a change, it was at best, extremely small. If cords make for a drastic change, then something's screwy with your incoming AC.

Maybe since I have dedicated AC for the system the difference between cords doesn't make for the audible epiphany others report, as I've tried swapping out a significant number of different cords on most all of my components, and the difference was negligable.

And hospitals would never fall for the snake oil BS this hobby tolerates. They use high quality cords for spark suppression because of the amount of pure oxygen in the vicinity, that's all.
Snofun3 - My apologies for thinking you were using the SL3's... I must have misread your system thread for some reason, I didn't think you had any power cords listed either.

I totally agree, as I stated in my last paragraph - I truly think a large percentage of how much effect a power cord has upon a system depends alot on a few key factors... how dirty the AC lines are, the amount of interference, dedicated lines, etc.

I am in a new home with 5 dedicated lines and the power cords don't seem to have as profound of an improvement as in prior setups, but still a noticable improvement. Many factors involved...
i'll go out on a limb on these observations...

-powercords are just as important as interconnects and speaker cables....

-one cannot fully audtion a different interconnect or speaker cable unless the power cords have been upgraded.

like anything-your mileage my vary and this is just my observation...

I agree. Power cords first as this has changed the dynamics of my system. I kept trying interconnects and speaker cables and know with the power cords, evaluations of each has changed. I never could stand silver interconnects but now they sound the best in my system. Toes are tapping for the first time in a year.