Ypsilon BC-1 Balanced Transformers - $3600?

I'm looking for transformers to convert unbalanced connections to balanced between my pre and power amps.

The Ypsilon BC-1 retails at $3600! Are there any others that can perform equally well at a lower price?

Recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks.

Above lets you do the same for about $250 for a pair

Good luck

$3600 can get you a state of the art balanced preamp which I'm sure will sound better than your unbalanced and Ypsilon transformer.
I know this may be considered audiophile sacrilege but what about using something from the pro audio realm?

Rane BB 44X Balance Buddy

New it is close to $300 but on the used market it is ALOT less.

If I had $3600 to spend on this kind of gear I'd get an SMc Audio Interocitor One and other tweaks.

Please use your favorite search engine to look up these items. I've tried posting links to the stuff and my posts keep getting declined.
be careful with the importer. after i sent them my $$$, only then did they disclose it would be months before a unit would be ready. when i said that was untenable and couldn't wait that long, he said "well i have a used one here so you can take this one" - i said "great, and when the new one is ready we'll swap" and his response was "no. you'll keep the used one, i'll keep the new one" i asked for my money back and got it snail mailed to me and took two weeks to get my cash back. these small guys keep no inventory and play games, so make sure you are getting extreme clarity up front.