Ypsilon Aelius monoblock

If I were to judge micheal fremer review on ypsilon phono , ypsilon seems to produce phenomenal products. I like what I read about the spec of aelius mono block ie first 60 watt class A which is probably enough to drive most speakers ? However there is hardly any discussion or reviews on this mono block . Spec and performance in real life may differ vastly. Your feedback is much appreciated
Not heard the Aelius but was lucky to hear a full suite of Ypsilon inc SET-100 mono's driving Raidho C1 monitors in a small room. Breathtaking, as good as I've heard anywhere. If that experience was anything to go by they'll be well worth seeking out for audition.
Yes I would to have the opportunity to audition it but unfortunately they is no distributor in Malaysia & south east Asia distributor is fr Australia . Currently using CJ act 2.2 & CJ 350 and will probably pair it with eggleston savoy signature with a sensitivity of 88db. Is considering pass lab xa 160.5, 200.5, CJ 275 & CJ Art power amp, as well as aelius
Interested in audio research reference 250 amp as well
Love the Ypsilon gear; heard it again at Rocky Mtn! I'd save the cash and buy American like a VAC 300 or the 200 mono blocks paired with a Signature 2a preamp with phono. Superb sound with all the detail of the ARC, but with much more meat and texture on the notes than ARC. In fact, I think Kevin Hayes has outdone ARC on it's goal of building the best attributes of SS and tubes in it's units; ARC sounds 2 dimensional versus the VAC stuff!