Youtube music quality vs. Amazon prime

I am surprised that Youtube music isn't that bad.  I am using just the basic free service.  It doesn't have the transparency of CD but still very listenable.  It  doesn't sound "digital" and although it gives up in transparency, it still has an "analog" quality that still let me enjoy.  Most of the time, I have to turn on the volume higher than usual. 
On the other hands, Amazon prime music has an annoying treble digital glare and sounds very "lean" as if most of the midrange bloom has been removed.  
If you are a youtube listener, I have found that Firefox browser has the best audio playback.  The latest Internet Explorer is bright/thin/harsh sounding in comparison.  Chrome does not do well either here.
Music streamed from Amazon is compressed and sounds lousy. youtube just has slightly better sounding compression.
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