Its not a secret but those that don't know: 5.99 shipped for anything in their library. You have to sign up-the catch is you establish a wish list(kind of like netflix) they automatically send you one a month. You can quit with no penalty at any time,and its free to join. They currently have 51 SACD titles-also 5.99. I also just picked up Michael Hedges Beyond Boundaries/Guitar Solos. If your not familiar with Michael Hedges- All of his CD's are not only outstanding,but absolutely reference audiophile recordings.
Hi Krelldog,
If you do a search you'll see that I started a thread about about 2 weeks ago. It's still up and running strong. FYI, I agree it's a fantastic service, hence my thread!
Jond- I'm not looking for the "finders credit" It was more of a plug for the Michael Hedges cd(Beyond Boundaries-Guitar Solos. This is an absolutely stunning recording/preformance.
Thanks for letting us know Krelldog!