your wardrobe in 1972, any hip huggers?

ever remember your wardrobe in the 70s,my wife pulled out some old photo albums last night & we laughed & laughed,in one particular pic i had on blue crushed velvet platform shoes & matching blue slick slacks & disco shirt that was so tight it made me itch just looking at it,dont forget the hair all the way down to my big white belt,what a cool guy i was(haha)tell the truth,what was your coolest outfit in the 70s & dont forget the medallions.
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Monster bells.
Remember them?Humoungus bell bottoms.
Wayyyyy too big.
Also mandatory were Frye boots.
I also remember,but not partaking in
shag haircuts
choker necklaces,that still seem to come and go,unfortunately.
And of course.When a dime bag was ten dollars.
BE class of 72
Well, I have since put on 300lbs. Sure I had those hip-hugger pants flowered shirts(granny-prints) patent leather dark blue and white 'heels'--shoes. I always tried to emulate "Elton". minus the glasses. If I saw pictures of me from 'then', you'd have to dial 911.
bigjoe, were you really huggy bear???

I had a pair of maroon green and gold bell bottoms, but I was just a kid. What's your excuse?
Just out of diapers, so Osh Kosh Bigosh overalls I think. I'll have to ask me mom and get back to you.
My wardrobe back then was hanging beneath my dad's... well.. you get the picture.

My Harley Davidson required more of the biker look back then, I wish I still had the pony-tail though so I could cut it off and glue it on top of my head!!!

1972- Work shirt, patched jeans, mocassins.

Same here, and I mean today!
i wasnt huggy bear but it was close,i cant imagine tryin to kick start my FLH in thoose big heals,my knee hurts just thinking about it, as for a excuse ill go with peer pressure.
Jeff- Yeah, I was thinking that myself. When I'm out on a job site, its work shirt, Carharts and boots; in the office the Carhartts and boots swap off for Levis and Merrills Jungle mocs.
I was high school class of '74: Levis Bell Bottoms, wide leather belt, T-Shirts with unbuttoned flannel shirt over, and waffle stompers (hiking boots). Also went through a Frye Boot stage with same get-up, but that was early 70's, like '70, '71. Also wore those shirts that were like a long sleeve T-shirt only they were often striped and had, like, three buttons from the neck to the chest. Moccasins were late 60's. Also had hair down past my shoulders -- even while playing on my high school football team. My only concession as
the 70's wore on was -- I switched to straight legged jeans. Never wore a
chiana shirt, never owned a pair of platform shoes, never owned a Donna Summer album -- I was stubbornly listening to Cream, Hendrix, and Zep while disco passed by. I started buying new music again when I heard my roomate, a younger guy, playing The Police, Elvis Costello, English Beat, Squeeze, and Talking Heads in his room. I still wear straight legged Levis,
T-shirts and boots.
I was in the class '74 myself. My wardrobe: Levi straight leg cords, Timberland boots, flannel or corduroy shirts, cowboy hat, long hair in a pony tail. I was listening to Grateful Dead, New Riders, Allmans, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band. I grew up in ski country of WNY and my buds and I all had this "hip cowboy" affectation workin'. I altered my wardrobe slightly when I went to the big city for college (Boston). Added LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes and lost the cowboy hat.

To this day, when I'm not at work, I'm wearing the same outfit, except for the Timberlands and the cowboy hat. I'm wearing a baseball hat to cover the growing bald spot ;)
Still listening to that music though.
Ha, go back 3 years and think Nehru shirts/jackets! Oy.....
Class of '69. Jungle camoflage, care of US Army.
Class of '71... By '72 it was strictly Levi's, straight leg only thank you, and Converse All Stars! Hmmm, still got the Levi's, still got the cons. Only now I always have a new pair of cons for Sunday go to Meetin'!!! The maroon and fat cordaroy hip hugger bell's were the thing in '69 though...

Slipknot -- thanks for jogging my memory. Yes, went through a big southern rock stage starting with Allman Brothers live at Filmore East.
I was 13 living in Miami,Fla ,,wore platform shoes ,baggy pants with cuffs,silk shirts or skin tight shirts,and long shag hair styles ,always a dance going on somewhere or at someones house,brings back a lot of memories,first girlfriend ,first beer ,first real kiss,,