Your vote for greatest (covers) album

Mine is Annie Lennox "Nostalgia". Not only is she one of the greatest female voices ever, she knows how to make a song her own. 

One assumes Dylan’s covers of Sinatra has been mentioned. 😩

And Bryan Ferry’s covers of Dylan. 😱
Can't believe nobody has mentioned Linda Ronstadt. All her albums would be nominees in both categories since she didn't write music and was hot.
Allison Krauss -- Forget About It
Big Band of Brothers -- Big band Allman covers, you need this disc

Great Ceaser's Ghost -- What's Done is Done --  Allmans and the Dead
Shelby Lynne -- Just a Little Lovin' -- Dusty Springfield tunes
Moody Bluegrass, Vol I and II -- just what you think it is
James Lee Stanley -- All Wood and Doors -- Doors tunes
And finally, a series....The Waybacks and Friends, who every year records a live concert consisting of playing a well known album from start to finish....including Led Zeppelin II, Abbey Road, Eat a Peach, After the Flood, Deja Vu, and some others...
Gladys Knight ..”I heard it Through the Grapevine” covered by Marvin Gaye and  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dylan.. “All Along the Watchtower”. Covered by Jimi Hendrix
Doors “Light My Fire” covered by Jose Feliciano
Impressions “People Get Ready” covered by Chambers Brothers
Al Hibbler “ Unchained Melody”. covered by Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous BrothersBroadway “ My Favorite Things” covered by John Coltrane
Herbie Hancock “Maiden Voyage” covered by Ramsey Lewis
Beatles “A Day in the Life” covered by Wes Montgomery
Beatles “With a Little Help From My Friends” covered by Joe Cocker
Ted Daffans Texans “Born to Lose” Covered by Ray Charles
Audrey Hepburn “Moon River” covered by Jerry Butler
Brook Benton “Walk on the Wild Side” covered by Jimmy Smith
Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Child slight return” covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn