Your vote for greatest (covers) album

Mine is Annie Lennox "Nostalgia". Not only is she one of the greatest female voices ever, she knows how to make a song her own. 

I did not see that coming.
One assumes Dylan’s covers of Sinatra has been mentioned. 😩

And Bryan Ferry’s covers of Dylan. 😱
Can't believe nobody has mentioned Linda Ronstadt. All her albums would be nominees in both categories since she didn't write music and was hot.
Allison Krauss -- Forget About It
Big Band of Brothers -- Big band Allman covers, you need this disc

Great Ceaser's Ghost -- What's Done is Done --  Allmans and the Dead
Shelby Lynne -- Just a Little Lovin' -- Dusty Springfield tunes
Moody Bluegrass, Vol I and II -- just what you think it is
James Lee Stanley -- All Wood and Doors -- Doors tunes
And finally, a series....The Waybacks and Friends, who every year records a live concert consisting of playing a well known album from start to finish....including Led Zeppelin II, Abbey Road, Eat a Peach, After the Flood, Deja Vu, and some others...