Your vinyl guilty pleasure???

We all MUST have one... Are we bold enough to admit it?

Annie the musical?

The Sound of Music?

Debbie Gibson?

Let's all fess up...
Hard to beat the theme song from "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes. Overblown arrangements that are pan-potted to within an inch of their life. Includes the lyrical call and response:

Isaac: He's a bad mother...
Chorus (interrupting): "Shut your mouth"

This, in its own warped way, is a demo quality recording.


James Brown, The Big Payback
Wow... look at all this dirty laundry being aired out! Hahaha!

Goatwuss, i have one of their LPs too...

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon..............

I also have Cyndi Lauper....
My latest guilty pleasure is the Christina Aguilera "Back to Basics" 3 Record Album Set (Book Type Cover, #1306). Snagged this gently used (quite minty, actually) treasure at Half Price Books for a mere $16.00 over Memorial Day weekend.

I kinda enjoy the 3rd LP, and, well...she's easy on the eyes. Worth the price of admission alone.
C W McCall Black Bear Road. Contains the hit "Convoy"

Breaker One-Nine this here's Rubber Duck, you got yer ears on Pigpen come-on?