Your vinyl guilty pleasure???

We all MUST have one... Are we bold enough to admit it?

Annie the musical?

The Sound of Music?

Debbie Gibson?

Let's all fess up...
"All This Love" by DeBarge. I believe I deserve extra credit as it features Jose Feliciano.
Disco singles! I have about 15 ultra rare extended-play "promotional copy" 12" 70's disco singles that I acquired from a discotheque in 1978. I like to play them to bring back memories and to enjoy the great dynamic range these discs have (many are 45 RPM). Here are a few:

Boogie Nights
Which Way is Up
Night Fever
Love Hangover
Dance Dance Dance
Miss You (Rolling Stones)
Groove Line

Shhhhh! Don't tell.
it changes, but lately it's cat power "the covers record." mesmerizing.
Don't feel guilty 'bout Cat Power! Have you got the new covers record, Jukebox? It's stellar.
How about Danny Kaye "Tubby the Tuba"?
Somewhat humorous, incredible recording, the Benny Hill theme song Yakkety Sax by Boots Randolph.
Hmmm.....Carmen, "Fandangos In Space", probably the only flamenco rock band (as if that was a good thing). They were better live when they warmed up Santana at the Filmore East though.

America "Live" need I say more.....Well, I will, this is an even worse version of "Muscrat Love" than Toni Tenille's. BTW, did you know that she was the featured backup vocalist on Pink Floyd's "The Wall", but that's for another day?

Tom Jones, "Live In Las Vegas". Uh, ummmm, well, there really can be no justification for this, but as if the record weighed a million pounds, I feel myself drawn to it, as if by gravity.

Anything by Michael Franks. Yes the sappy, hippy-dippy lyrics are just too much, but the singing seems in the continuum that begins with Mose Allison and may have it's culmination in John Mayer. That's my story and I'm stikin' to it, anyway.
How about this
Fred Bear- America's No.1 Bowhunter tells his "Sectrets of Bowhunting" to Curt Gowdy -America's No.1 Sportscaster

I have to wait for an empty house to let this spin to avoid ridicule. If you are a bowhunter/audiophile this is a must have,listen.

Best of Al Hirt

Pops Goes the Trumpet (Al Hirt, Fiedler, & the Boston Pops)

Eddie Arnold, Cattle Call
"Surfin' Bird"
-The Trashmen

papa ooh mow mow
Culture Club
Bobbie Gentry...Ode to Billy Joe...

I was just a kid the very first time I heard this haunting story, so many unanswered questions.

Joan Baez...Diamonds and Rust...

My head banging friends including my girl friend at the time never new I also listened to Baez, Fitzgerald, Belifonti ect.

Here's one that many hated, I liked.

Richard Harris...MacCarther Park...

Did Jimmy Webb write about a drug trip experience he had in the 1960s?
And how the Hell did Richard Harris end up recording this whacked song?
For moods requiring romantic self-pity, Coldplay & The Cure are hard to beat.

When breezy jazz is needed it's the lighter albums of Larry Carlton and Pat Metheny.
SP68, i guess i'm maybe listening to chan a little TOO much lately. and no, i don't have jukebox yet, maybe for that very reason. now where did i put my NIN albums?....

ok, how about southern culture on the skids, with such classics as "too much pork for just one fork," and "dirt track date"?
Hard to beat the theme song from "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes. Overblown arrangements that are pan-potted to within an inch of their life. Includes the lyrical call and response:

Isaac: He's a bad mother...
Chorus (interrupting): "Shut your mouth"

This, in its own warped way, is a demo quality recording.


James Brown, The Big Payback
Wow... look at all this dirty laundry being aired out! Hahaha!

Goatwuss, i have one of their LPs too...

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon..............

I also have Cyndi Lauper....
My latest guilty pleasure is the Christina Aguilera "Back to Basics" 3 Record Album Set (Book Type Cover, #1306). Snagged this gently used (quite minty, actually) treasure at Half Price Books for a mere $16.00 over Memorial Day weekend.

I kinda enjoy the 3rd LP, and, well...she's easy on the eyes. Worth the price of admission alone.
C W McCall Black Bear Road. Contains the hit "Convoy"

Breaker One-Nine this here's Rubber Duck, you got yer ears on Pigpen come-on?


Abba (Dancing Queen, Knowing Me-Knowing You), The Association (Everything you touch), Mommas, and Pappas (Got a feeling), Santana (Singing Winds-Black Magic Woman-Oye Como Va, Samba Pa Ti), ELP (The Three Fates, Tank, Lucky Man)

Who's got a mint Grobshcnitt LP they wanna dump? Mark
Foreigner, and occasionally Survivor, and Giuffria

I feel healed.
The Bangles.

I don't feel guilty about the "All Over the Place" LP but I do feel guilty about the "Different Light" LP. What might have been for the path not chosen.