Your views on Ayre C5xeMP vs. Esoteric X-03 SE

Hi, I'm going to audition the Esoteric X-03 SE today and possibly buy it. Before I part with my cash, I'd like to know how it stacks up against the Ayre C5xeMP. Can anyone share on the differences in the sonic character of these 2 players?

Reason I'm asking is I can audition the X-03 SE at my local dealer's place whereas I'll have to travel 200km to listen to the Ayre. I know it's down to a matter of personal preferences but I'd still like to hear your comments. Thanks!
I have heard the Ayre at a dealer and my buddy has a X01 D2 and they are different and as I have owned neither I will offer this advice...

The rest of your system will define the better choice to your ears. Let's assume that you are like the average person and $5K isn't "walking around money" therefore I would advise that 200KM (2 hours or so) isn't that far when that much money is on the line. The big benefit of your local retailer is he should allow you to take home the Esoteric to see how it performs in your system. It may not sound radically different at the dealer as opposed to your home but it could sound different enough that it doesn't meet your expectations...
I thought the X03 had better retrievel of low level detail. It allowed the finer, subtle details to come through, better than the Ayre. I also felt a more emotional experience listening to the X03 than the Ayre. Both excellent, but I went with the Esoteric.
I auditioned both on different systems (Both systems have hi-end stuffs). Both players sound Excellent. But the best is to have it hooked up to your system.
FYI: X01 is much better X03.