Your tube preamp and ss amp thread

Last night I was listening to my tube preamp and my tube mono blocks, noticed an imbalance in the sound, and as usual I traced it to a tube problem in the mono blocks. Luckily, I also own a ss stereo amp as a 'backup'. IME, ss amps tend to be a lot more reliable than tube amps. Nonetheless, I would be interested in how many other folk run a tube preamp and ss amp combo, and if so, what are your choices.
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Transcedent Sound Grounded Grid preamp into QUAD 909 power amp.  Lovely sound with gobs of power.
Coda #16 with a Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL Preamp.
Qobuz > Lumi U1 mini > Chord Qutest > PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Pre > McIntosh MC152 > MartinLogan ESLs...
I have several systems. My favorite sounding system, and by no means most expensive , is a VTL preamp paired with a Phase Linear 400 !
I've had Herron amps since they were first released.  Started out as M-150's but were upgraded to M1's.  They were first driven by a Herron VTSP-1, but now a VTSP-3A (r03).  

I'm satisfied.