Your Top Five for 2003

What's the Top Five CDs/SACDs/DVD-As you purchased in 2003? My tastes are for jazz & blues, but I'm sure there's lots of great music we all missed. My five are:

Taylor Eigsti Trio- Resonance
Kurt Elling -Man in the Air
Ahmad Jamal- In Search Of
Wayne Shorter- Footpronts Live!
McCoy Tyner- Land of the Giants

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

It must be that time of year for "best of" lists. What follows are my nominees:

Best Top 5 New Music for 2003:

1. The Thorns ... "The Thorns"
2. Mark O'Connor ... "In Full Swing"
3. Rosanne Cash ... "Rules of Travel"
4. Evanescence ... "Fallen"
5. John Mellencamp ... "Trouble No More"

Honorable Mention for 2003

1. Wanda Jackson ... "Heart Trouble"

Best reissue for 2003

1. Johnny Cash ... "Cash Unearthed"

Regards, Rich
My taste runs toward jazz,classical and ecclectic.
My top 5 purchased CDs are:
1) Rosanne Cash Rules of Travel
2) Yo-Yo Ma Obrigado Brazil
3) Karrin Allyson In Blue
4) Tom Harrell Wise Children
5) Hilary Hahn Brahms Violin Concerto
john Dean
Teirney Sutten - Something Cool
Patricia Barber- Nightclub
Karrin Allyson - In Blue
Patricia Barber- Companion
George Duke - After Hours
My five favorites from 2003 (in no particular order):

1) Bill Frisell - "The Intercontinentals"
2) Pat Metheny - "One Quiet Night"
3) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - "Little Worlds" (3 discs)
4) Daniel Lanois - "Shine" (my "reference" disc - incredible sound)
5) Steely Dan - "Everything Must Go"

It was tough to pare it down to just five, so I put DVDs in a separate list:

1) Peter Gabriel - "Growing Up Live" (much better than "Up")
2) Pat Metheny - "Speaking of Now Live"
In no particular order:

1) Peter Gabriel "UP" SACD
2) Rosanna Cash "Rules of Travel"
3) Beck "Sea Change" SACD
4) Police "Syncronicity" SACD
5) Blur "Think Tank"

1)The Libertines - 'Up the Bracket'
2)Drive-By Truckers - 'Decoration Day'
3)The Wrens - 'The Meadowlands'
4)The Jayhawks - 'Rainy Day Music'
5)White Stripes - 'Elephant'
Peter Gabriel "UP"
Damien Rice "O"
Allman Bros. "Atlanta Pop Festival"
Aimee Mann "Lost in Space"
Beck "Sea Change"
My top 5 purchases for 2003:

Allison Krauss -- "Live"
Michel Camilo -- "Live at the Blue Note"
Wayne Shorter -- "Footprints Live"
Bruce Springsteen -- "The Essential Bruce Springsteen"
B.B. King -- "Anthology"

DVD --"Standing in the Shadows of Motown"
Neil Young- "Greendale"

Rodney Crowell- "Fate's Right Hand"

Joe Strummer- "Streetcore"

Fountains of Wayne- "Welcome Interstate Managers"

Neil Young- Seeing "Greendale" performed live this summer and have tickets for late Feb. in LA; while the music is the same the live show is a whole new way to enjoy this work
Shirley Horn - "May the Music Never End"

Patricia Barber - "Verse"

Gillian Welch - "Time (the Revelator)"

Anni Di Franco - "Evolve"
Anouar Brahem "Le Pas Du Chat Noir"
Richard Buckner "Devotion & Doubt"
Gillian Welch "Time the Revelator"
Jordi Savall "El Cant de la Sibil-la, Mallorca & València, 1400-1560"
Patti Griffen "1000 Kisses"

Peter Gabriel "UP"

Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way"

David Bowie "Heathen" (I bought it in 2003, I think it was a '03 release)

Steely Dan "Everything Must Go"

Sting "Sacred Love"
Bruce Cockburn "You've Never Seen Everything"

Pat Mac Donald "Strange Love / PM Does DM"

Greg Brown "If I Had Known - Essential Recordings 1980-1986"

Tracy Chapman "Let It Rain"

Allmon Brothers Band "Hittin' The Note"
Here is my list.

Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music

Drive By Truckers - Decoration Day

Los Lonely Boys - Same

Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand

Kathleen Edwards - Failer

Happy New Year!!
Jet-get BOrn,the Darkness-Permission to land,White Stripes-Elephant,Strokes-room on fire,Libertines-up the bracket....
Beck "Sea Change"
Radiohead "Hail to the Thief"
Peter Gabriel "UP"
Coldplay "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
B.B. King "Anthology"
Pat Metheny - "One Quiet Night"
Karrin Allyson - "In Blue"
Carl Saunders - "Be Bop Big Band"
Diana Krall - "Live in Paris"
Buckethead - "Electric Tears"
funny I thought these were 2003 releases
not music purchased this year

can't limit to 5 but 6 I can do

Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
Lucinda Willams - World Without Tears
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Steely Dan - Everything Must Go

best live shows in 2003
two I did vacations around
Peter Gabriel Growing Up tour in Detroit
Steely Dan in Albequerque
and at home in New Orleans
Suzanne Vega
rescheduled Diana Krall
Brian Blade Orchestra
Randy Newman
CDs & SACDs together in no particular order...
[Can't remember if these are the BEST five bought but they seem to remain in heavy rotation]

1) Mariza "Fado en mim" (2 disk set with Live at Womad 2002 (UK)) - CD/World Connection
2) Bill Evans & Cannonball Adderley "Know What I Mean" - SACD/AnalogueProductions
3) Lizz Wright "Salt" - CD/Verve
4) Edgar Meyer "Bach Unnacompanied Cello Suites" performed on double bass - CD/SONY
5) The Bad Plus "These Are the Vistas" - CD/Columbia
The Be Good Tanyas--Blue Horse
The Be Good Tanyas--Chinatown
The Ahn Trio--Groovebox
Nickel Creek--Nickel Creek
Nickel Creek--This Side

(These five CDs represent a major departure from my
normal preference: classical. Thus far a successful attempt to find more available software.)
And Hau'oli Makahiki Hou back to you Kana813!
Well here is my top five (in no particular order):

Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music (pure pop at it's best)
Ziggy Marley - Dragonfly (Zig's coming of age record)
David Sanborn - Time Again (soooooo smoooth)
Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step (hard rock at it's best)
Rosanne Cash - Rules of Travel (a triumphant piece of music)
-Geez, there's no way to amputate it down to five without some kind of torture or some pretty convincing threats (it's not gonna happen by email). It's probably just plain stupid to hope that this listing could help the following musicians get listened to a little more, but (no foolin') all of these are real good:

Patrick Cress, Telepathy/Liberate the Radio Stations

D'Angaro, Glerum, Bennink/Sandjutters

Absolute Zero/Crashing Icons

Berithiaume, Bailey, Frith/Soshin

Scott Ray Quintet/Active Vapor Recovery

Erik Friedlander/Quake

Charlie Kohlhase Quintet/Play Free Or Die

Jack West and Curvature/Around About Now

Lucas Niggli>Zoom/Rough Ride

David Fiuczynski/Kif

J.A. Granelli and Mr. Lucky/Gigantic

Bendian, Gauthier, Liebig, Stinson/Bone Structure

Beirach, Hubner, Mraz/Round About Monteverdi (Not as corny as you might think, and the 1923 rosewood Hamburg Steinway on this one will send most audiophile recordings crawling for a place to hide).

Jacques Chanier Trio/Quilt

The Vandermark 5/Airports For Light

Pablo Ablanedo Octet/Alegria

Thinking Plague/History of Madness

Married Couple/Looks Like A Pie To Me

Upper Left Trio/Cycling

Frank Gratkowski Quartet/Spectral Reflections

Go-Go Fightmaster/Go-Go Fightmaster (i know dumb name, but this stuff really is the super depraved high quality twisted science fiction avant jazz rock poop that you've always wanted).
I've only got the top three, but they are great to listen to (especially when I'm home alone and I can turn it up)!

#1 Vocal Jazz: Dianne Reeves "A little Moonlight"
#2 Rock: Steely Dan "Everything Must Go"
#3 Instrumental: Windham Hill "Sounds of Wood & Steel 3"

Awesome stuff.
Mahalo to everyone for sharing their picks!

Roscoe Mitchell - "Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancing Shoes" (Nessa)
Faruq Z. Bey w/ Northwoods Improvisers - "Ashirai Pattern" (entropy stereo records)
Griot Galaxy - "Live at the D. I. A. 1983" (entropy stereo records)
Dennis Gonzalez New Southern Quintet - "Old Time Revival" (entropy stereo records)
William Parker Violin Trio - "Scrapbook" (Thirsty Ear)
I'm sure a year from now my list will be totally revised, but for the moment...

Radiohead: Hail to the Thief
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot it in People
Jeff Buckley: Live at Sine (Deluxe)
Yo La Tengo: Summer Sun
!!!: Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard

Not a very strong year in my opinion but I still haven't heard a lot of stuff that's supposed to be good (Califone, Unicorns, The Rapture, Strokes, etc.)

However, the reissue of Marquee Moon made me aware of a classic that had up to that point gone unnoticed.
Audioslave - Audioslave
Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside
Coldplay - Rush of blood to the head
Chilipeppers - by the way
Bad news Snipes-3 are from 2002!
Come on Ben, where's your list?!?!?! I was looking forward to seeing it!!
Give'em a break folks....the question that started the thread was about the top five you "PURCHASED" in 2003....NOT exclusive, as far as I understood it, to those released in 2003. If so, it should have been phrased differently. Now lets hear s'more....

Purchased (not necessarily released) in 2003:

Beck "Sea Change"
Porcupine Tree "In Absentia"
Radiohead "The Bends"
Mark Knopfler "Philadelphia"
Jimmy Smith "Dot Com Blues"

At least two of these, "Philadelphia" and "Dot Com Blues" were discovered here on Audiogon in threads like this one. Thanks all!
beck sea change sacd and dvdA I bought it in 2002 and twice in 2003
radiohead hail to the thief
cash the man comes around
sigur ros ( )
red snapper red snapper
Tireguy it'll be here soon...............
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (SACD)
The Who - Tommy (SACD)
The Beatles - Get Back Naked (CD)
Dixie Chicks - Home (CD)
Rush - Rush in Rio (DVD)

OK, so most of this music was recorded well before 2003 but all were purchased and/or re-released in 2003.
Marco - You're correct, I said purchased, not released in 2003, because "I'm sure there's lots of great music we all missed." For me, it's the thrill of discovery, not the release date that's important. Aloha, Dan.
The Cure - Trilogy (DVD) (2003)
Lycia - Cold (1997) best of the 9 cds I've purchase last year by this band.
Mission - Aura Delight (Dec. 2002)
Angels Of Venice - Sanctus (2003)(Christmas Music)
Sigur Ros - untitle ep with DVD (2003)
Rush - Rush In Rio (2003)