Your Top Five Blues LPs, SQ-wise...

Wondering what the general consensus would be here.  What five Blues LPs would you pick to showcase your sound system’s strengths to another Blues lover?  Not so much interested in “historically important” discs here as much as Blues on vinyl that just sounds fantastic enough to prompt one to wear out an expensive cartridge/stylus on...
Thanks in advance.  Just getting into the genre myself via the various streaming radio feeds and never seem to catch the names of artists/titles so I don’t have a list of my own, but I’m drawn to great Blues guitar sounds and unforgettable lyrics which let the listener know, unmistakably, that the singer has, “walked the walk”...
Jimmy Witherspoon. "Bluespoon". I have a copy on PRESTIGE label I bought in 1968. Everything must have been just right for the whole process. It sounds like I am in a small dingy Jazz club sitting at a front table. I have 3 records I use whenever I am trialing new gear, this is one.
Jimmy Witherspoon.  Gildo Mahones piano, Kenny Burrell guitar, Eddie Khan bass, Roy Haynes drums.
I recently got Keb’ Mo’s first eponymous album on MoFi. I really like the SQ. Great dispersal. He sounds very present.

i also love my Folkways recording of Lead Belly, but can’t  say it is good SQ
Albert King- “I want to get funky” lp- very well recorded and mastered. Huge soundstage, brassy and ridiculously  FONKY!!

Go to Acoustic Sounds website. Get Diunna Greenleaf direct to disc recording. $10. Sells for $20 or more elsewhere. Limited length lp, but well worth it. They have a whole line of these recordings. She stands in the middle of your speakers and sings. Real blues, period. +1 on the Wake Up Call suggestion. Mayall’s last 2 or 3 lps (180g 2 lp pressings) are very full, robust, live sounding...”A Special Life” and “Tough”. Hard not to keep turning it up on these!!
Five of my favorite LP’s
70th Birthday Concert - John Mayall
Crusade - John  Mayall
Come on Home - Boz Scaggs
Blues from Laurel Canyon - John Mayall
Out of the Blues - Boz Scaggs