Your Top Audiophile Demo Tracks

List five of your top audiophile tracks that you would show off your speakers .Think of it this way.  You go int a shop to demo new speakers.  Within that hour or two what tracks do you use. I have a pair of Golden Ear Triton Two's paired with a SVS SB-3000 sub.

 Yeah, I like Satisfaction from the Stones but I'm talking about pristine recordings that are so good would probably sound good on my old eight track deck. Shows how old I am! I have so many but here are five instrumental tracks that highlight all the frequencies from the lowest notes GE active subwoofers reproduce to those wonderful highs of the folded ribbon tweeter. I am a semi professional drummer so I like to play these types of tracks at near live levels. Probably 90 - 95 dB. I know not good for the ears but my listening sessions at that level are kept short. Plus GE speakers can handle the headroom without distortion.
Not in any particular order:

1. The Golden Dolphin - Marco Minnemann Incredible drum sonics
2. Justice's Groove - Stanley Clarke Beautiful bass tone
3. Alone in the City - Chris Botti That trumpet, so clear from the HVFR tweeter
4. Personal Power - Wolfgang Schmid - Everything here, tight bass, well recorded drums, and that sax!
5. American Tango - Weather Report - Wait for the keyboards to come in
So much music-so little time!
Not showing off at home, but take CD's to listen in a store, primarily to listen to speakers. (don't take LP's), you do not know if their TT system is setup correctly, CD will send the same thing everywhere you go.

1. Rebecca Pidgeon's voice, mentioned above, is pure, let's you know right away about highs/mids balance, not much imaging revealed

2. Casandra Wilson's voice tells you a lot more about upper bass and midrange. Blue Light Till Dawn album. Terrific Imaging from fabulous musicians. Solid center image of her voice, verify no frequency variations l to r.

3. Duet: Enough is Enough (no more tears) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, the blending and distinction of their individual voices is incredible. 

4. War of the Worlds, incredible range, and specifically to hear Richard Burton's voice. You can readily tell if it's right or wrong.

5. Friday Night in San Francisco, 3 World Class Guitarists play together Mc

Best Imaging Test: Side 2, tracks 2 and 3. My LP beats my CD, but you need a CD version to rule out any misalignment of TT, then use it to refine your TT, it is a great help refining anti-skate

6. Eurythmics, Annie Lennox's Voice and Dave Stewart's sound/imaging variations

7. Andreas Vollenweider, White Winds, A Sonic Feast

Charlie Byrds fine direct to disc LP on Crystal Clear is also a great demo LP. I find most d2d records are good for dynamics but the music is usually lame and tame.
Of course Norah Jones Come away with me lp is great I don’t know why is a stand out number.
XLO reference recording test and burn on CD has some excellent music on it.
I also find The Band The Band 45 rpm release very rewarding.
Happy listening!
CD- Ceremonial Music for trumpet and symphonic organ
Telerac Label,Michael Murry, Trumpet Tune in D Major
Check it out on YouTube

Terry Bozzio one of my favorite drummers! I lucked out and saw him perform at a local Guitar Center Clinic. Talk about small venues. Worlds largest drum set. If you’ve never seen it, check it out on YouTube.
Behind the Veil- Jeff Beck, CD Guitar Shop- Terry Bozzio on drums.

I agree Paul Simon’s Graceland is incredibly well recorded! One of the best.
My two favorite tracks are Boy in the Bubble, and Graceland. I have been using those two tracks to demo speakers for years. Another Paul Simon track I use is, Ten Years.
Alison Krauss has a sweet voice. My favorite track by her is, Baby, Now That I’ve Found You - Live Version

Cassandra Wilson- I use the Track, Come on in My Kitchen from Blue Light Til Dawn as a subwoofer test.

Enough is Enough, a great find. Never heard that before!