Your Top AES/EBU 110 ohm cable would be ...

Hi ,
Keen to know your preferred 110 ohm cable , and it's sonic signature if you would please .
I used a Cardas AES/EBU for many years and found it to be very good...until I tried a Grover Huffman AES/EBU cable.
I bought a handmade cable off eBay a few years ago, using Mogami wire. Pretty good for $15.
I got obsessed with AES cables a couple of years ago when I experienced how much they impact system performance. I have owned several since as I explored what worked best in my system. Here is the list off the top of my head:

Straightwire Infolink
Stealth Vardig Sextet
Tara Labs The One
Kubala Sosna Emotion
Transparent Premium
Transparent Reference
Stereovox (forget the name)
MIT Proline Digital Reference
MIT Oracle MA-X
Acoustic Revive DISX

I'm sure I left some out but you get the point:)

My favorite and reference is the Acoustic Revive. For a long time I used the MIT Oracle MA-X and still own it. There are things I like more about that cable but overall the Acoustic Revive is by far my favorite. It's character? Analog. It has a very organic, natural presence as does most AR gear. It also presents a very holographic sound stage. It's quiet, musical and dynamic but the presence is what sets it apart from anything I have heard. There is absolutely zero digital

My system is Wilson Sasha's, Spectral DMA 360 Series 2, Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2/Alpha USB converter and upper tier MIT cables.

Hope this helps, good luck on your quest.
Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated.... @Richard that sure is a comprehensive list , I will look up the Acoustic Revive for sure. The Siltech Golden Eagle II is another on the short list, any experiences with it ?