Your top 10 vinyl LPs that never made it to CD

One big reason I'm setting up a new tubes & vinyl system is that a significant number of my old LPs were never (to my knowledge) reissued on CD. It'll be a great joy to hear them again with (for the first time) reasonably good equipment. The top 10 in my collection (in no particular order) are:

David Lindley, "Mr. Dave"
Yusef Lateef, "Psychicemotus"
Holy Modal Rounders, "Alleged in Their Own Time"
Jan Hammer Group, "Oh Yeah"
Cannonball Adderly, "Phenix"
New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, "Roll Over"
Coleman Hawkins, "Jazz Kings Immortals"
Jean-Luc Ponty, "King Kong" ("Plays the Music of Frank Zappa")
King Curtis, "Live at Fillmore West"
Johnny Hodges/Wild Bill Davis, "Blue Rabbit"

If anyone out there has a list of their own, I'd enjoy reading it.
buckingham nicks
All of Tim Weisberg's early albums, specifically Listen to the City, Party of One, Traveling Light and Nightrider
Not positive some of these not have released on CD since I last checked. There are probably several hundred, these are the ones in my collection that come to mind

Neil Young, "On The Beach" (Atlantic)
Lightnin' Hopkins, "Sings the Blues" (Crown)
Jimmy Giuffre, "The Music Man" (Atlantic)
Carmen McRae, "By Special Request" (Decca)
Steve Tibbetts, "Steve Tibbetts" (night sky- Frammis)
James Brown, "Pure Dynamite, Live at Royal" (King)
Peggy Lee, "Is That All There Is?" (Capitol)
Jimi Hendrix, "Loose Ends" (Barclay)
C. Haden-H. Hawes, "As Long As There's Music" (AH)
Buckingham Nicks, "Buckingham Nicks" (Polydor)
Peter Greene, "Peter Green Fleetwood Mac" (Blue Horz.)
Fleetwood Mac "Vintage Years" (Sire)
Here are fifteen more titles. Some may now be available. It has been a while since I shopped for CD's.

Miles Davis, "Lift To The Scaffold" (Fontana)
Charlie Mingus, "The Clown" (Atlantic)
Ray Charles, "Modern Sounds Country & Western"
Yardbirds, "Over Under Sideways Down" (Epic)
Johnny Cash, "I Walk The Line" (Columbia)
Les Paul & Mary Ford, "Bye Bye Blues" (Capital)
Elmore James, "Original Folk Blues" (Chess)
Memphis Slim, "Pinetop Blues" (Polydor)
Mose Allison, "Transfiguration of Hiram Brown" (Col)
Mose Allison, "Western Man" (Atlantic)
Dizzy Gillespie, "Horn of Plenty" (Blue Note)
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington "Together" (Roulette)
Dexter Gordon, "Dexter Gordon" (Blue Note)
Don Cherry, " Don Cherry" (A&M Horizon)
Paul Desmond, "Summertime" (A&M)
Ernie Watts, "Musician"
Neil Diamond, "Double Gold"
Neil Diamond's entire Bang Records catalog
Alan Price, "Between Today and Yesterday"
Bill Staines, "Redbird's Wing"
All three Tim Curry solo albums (the "Best Of" doesn't cut it).
And again, Buckingham-Nicks.
The early Dumptruck albums (as in "D is for Dumptruck").
Bernie Taupin "Tribe".
I'm sure I'm missing A LOT of others.
AFT (Automatic Fine Tuning)
Anthony Braxton-Five Pieces 1975
Contact Trio-New Marks
Egberto Gismonti-Fantasia
Brian Godding-Slaughter on Shaftsbury Ave.
Good God-Good God
Ryo Kawasaki-Natures Revenge
Volker Kriegel- most of his mid 70's stuff (hard to pick just 1)
L.s. Bearforce-L.S. Bearforce
Dave Pike-Salomao (w/ Eberhard Weber,Volker Kriegel...)

I quit the analog uber alles dogma a couple of years ago, but would expect that any cd releases of the above will not sound as good as a quality vinyl pressing, (Unfortunately no such thing was ever in the racks for some of these).
Montserrat Caballé, Music of Spain, Zarzuela Arias.
The Clown is available in a very nicely done budget-priced edition.

I've found that everytime I track down an lp that I'd been seeking at a not insane price for years, it comes out on CD within a few months. And usually low-priced and well remastered, to add insult to injury.
Nice taste, Albert. I never really think about this, owning as I do (like you) a large majority of vinyl over CD's, but just glancing at your list, I think that The Yardbirds "OUSD" is now out on CD (with extras, I believe), though it may be an import. Pretty sure I saw it in a store, along with a vinyl version of same in a gatefold jacket. Overall though, if there's one main reason why I've bothered with investing in CD's and digital gear, it's been all the reissued or repackaged or previously unreleased archival material made available on the format which I never would be able to find or afford the original vinyl of. On balance, the forced format switchover has in the long run turned out to be a boon for music lovers and vinyl scroungers alike.
Neil Young - On the Beach, Time Fades Away, American
Stars n' Bars, Hawks & Doves, Reactor
Warren Zevon - Stand In the Fire
Grin - Grin, All Out
The Kinks - Kinkdom, The Great Lost Kinks Album
I agree with JB I am sure I have many that never came out on disc but "Roll Over" by The New York Rock Ensemble is a very good album indeed and I have looked for on disc for years. It has a few gems including "Fields Of Joy" and everybody's favorite necrophilia song "Gravedigger" which I am listening to as I write. Cheers
Most of the Hampton Hawes catalog especially "Playin' In The Yard", beautiful electric piano on that one and I love that sound. Terry Reid's stuff like "The River" and "Seed Of Memory"which I don't think made it to disc.Marc Benno's LP "Ambush" I don't believe ever came out on disc either."Get Off In Chicago" an excellent obscure Harvey Mandel LP was never issued on disc as well.My LP of that one is still mint and the music does not sound at all dated to me. I could go on and on but............