Your Top 10...Are the majority from when you were a teen?

I'm convinced that our favorite recordings will most often include many of our favorites from when we were a kid, say, about a 15 year old teen.  

Of course the list evolves and changes from day to day; however, for me, at least, there's always six or seven from the mid-80's, when I was about 15.  

As a matter of fact, I still have all of those records:  Bob James' H; Ramsey Lewis' Routes; Azymuth's Telecommunication; David Sanborn's Voyeur; Jeff Lorber Fusion's Wizard Island and Galaxian; Grover Washington's Skylarkin'; Spyro Gyra's Catching the Sun; Donald Fagen's The Nightfly just to name a few.  

Those recordings, along with many others from that era, continue to be in my listening rotation today.

Crazy to think they've been on my favorites list for over 35 years! 


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I was in High School from '70 - '74 and while I still occassionally pull out old favorites from that era-- Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Hendrix, Derek and the Dominos, Santana, to name a few-- Jazz (1950's to present) has comprised 75% of my listening for the past thirty years, at least, followed by acoustic Folk/Newgrass/Americana. My tastes have definitely evolved as I've aged.