Your three favorite audio dealerships?

Can be brick & mortar or mail order. Those that provided consistently good service thta maje you want to do return bsuiness with. Let's keep it positive.

Mine are:
San Francisco Stereo - SF store
Future Sound - Burlingame, CA
Bradford Stereo - Eugene, OR
Todd the Vinyl Junkie
Music Direct
Acoustic Sound
Jafant - Jack is the best retail audio person I've ever dealt with. He's knowledgeable, fair and doesn't push product. Rather he provides consultation on products that fit your objectives and budget. He thinks holistically and helps you put a system together. He also understands that business success is based upon building long term relationships based upon great advice and service. He's in it for the long haul, not just the immediate sale.
Very nice! Mfoley3-

I would love to visit Jack and Spearit Sound someday. I have always wanted to read about their listening rooms and the acoustic environment during audition(s) for it's customers. No doubt, the shop carries excellent brands and offers excellent prices. Happy Listening!
1. The Cable Company/ Ultra Systems
2. The Cable Company/ Ultra Systems
3. The Cable Company/ Ultra Systems
On my last post I said I thought the store Brooks Berdan was going downhill because of new management. Well I was wrong. I spoke with Rick last week that is manager of that store. We discussed different phono cartridges and he was very kind and helpful. He told me to bring my table in and he would put a scope on the stylus and also listen to it. As soon as I have a chance to do that I will be going to see him.
Excellent! The shop also still has a great tech in Tom, who's in on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tom did all the diagnostic and repair work for Brooks, and does the same for Sheila. Tell him Eric says hey!