Your thoughts on Rotel Amps


I own a Rotel RB-1080 (200 wpc) and I think it sounds great. In many ways, I think it compares favorably with many of the "name brand" amps (i.e., Krell, Levinson, etc.), at least to my ears. I certainly don't see many Rotels for sale in the classifieds. Perhaps it's because they're "keepers." Anyway, I was wondering what the rest of the crew thought of Rotel amps.
Great value, cant think of a better amp for the money. Can surprise you when used with a really good preamp. (dont like Rotel preamps that much) My old Rotel is at a friends house and it still sounds great. Rotel delivers more than expected, cant say that for some of the big name amps I have heard.
BTW, my rig is:

Rotel RB-1080
Cary CD-303/200
Musical Fidelity A3 preamp
Nakamich DR-8 cassette deck
Rotel RLC Line Conditioner
B&W N804s
DH Labs Q-10 speaker cable/Air Matrix interconnects
Harmonic Tech Pro-AC 11 Power Cords
I think the stuff is hard to beat for the $$$$. I currently have a RB-990BX for sale here, and hate to sell it but I am buying a pricey pre-amp(to me at least) and could use the extra cash, I don't need this to sit around collecting dust. I was using it to power avalon acoustic eclipse, which a lot of people laugh but if this amp had a better front plate, IEC power cord and a high end name(krell-KAV, parasound...etc) it would sell for a lot more. When I get to building a 2nd system I will probably try to use Rotel amps in it.
Rotel has always been a good value and sound for the money.
I have great respect for Rotel amps, but for a few bucks more I'd step up to something like a McCormack DNA-125 or preferably a used DNA-0.5 Rev. A. Demo one in your system if you can, and then you'll know if the Rotel is a keeper or not.

Rotel makes outstanding gear. Rotel is forward thinking, and offers a lot of bang for a relatively low cost. Rotel has a solid Five year warranty. There is plenty of power produced by a massive torrodial transformer. By power, I don't mean watts, but the ability to drive sophisticated drivers and crossover systems present in higher end speaker systems.
I once owned the Krell KAV300i integrated (However, I only used the 150 watt amp portion of the unit -- bypassing the preamp section via the throughput) and it needed service. My dealer loaned me a rotel amp. I was very impressed at the sound, the punch and the overall performance for the money. I still thought the Krell was my preference, but since then I have helped many people get into audiophile sound recommending the Rotel amps.
Exactly Bwyoung, Rotel is great quality entry level gear, it is a way most any working fellow can afford to get into high end. Saying it is the best is crazy, but for the money one can find it for used it is one of the few true values out there. When i build a second(non-refrence/mega-buck system) I fully plan on using Rotel.
I sold my McCormack DNA-225 to a guy who had the big Rotel 300 w. amp. He thanked me for selling it to him, and stated the DNA-225 was in another league above the Rotel.