Your thoughts on preamp/processors

Ok, what are your thoughts on this?

I have a EAD Ovation. I love it, it sounds awesome, looks great, but is a huge pain. If you are not familiar with EAD, their products do not have any buttons on the front.

So here is the issue, the batteries in the remote died while I was away on a business trip and when my wife put new batteries in, it dropped all the codes. Now it does nothing, not even volume up or down. I contact noble and they offer a remote for $275. While I debated on this, I bought a harmony universal figuring I can use it in another room if it didn't work. I was surprised, but they had EAD Codes in their online database.

So, now the unit works with the universal remote. However now my wife is even more confused by the system and it seems everytime I am away on business, she cannot operate this component. I have a 3 year old and he has no patience, this only frustrates the whole situation as she is trying to figure it out, he is bugging her in the background.

Do I just ditch the thing and get a new unit with a volume knob and traditonal buttons on the front?

Is there anyhing that can compare to the sound quality?

Is it smart to buy a unit that does not have HDMI?

I do have a seperate 2 channel music room, but even with that, I find I listen to quite a bit of music in this room as well as DVD Concerts.

I have FOCAL SPEAKERS, HD DVD Player and Pioneer Plasma in the room where the Preamp processor will go...

Sorry that was so me out here.
mx-3000 remote would allow you to keep what you like.
Mom,Dad,kid skins, all rooms.
Just got one myself, have not started recording macros yet. Demo has custom user settings just as you described needing. Check out, they did me right, are authorized dealers, $600 with their coupon next to the list price.
I am surprised she can't get the Harmony to control things right, I own four of them (659/880/890/1000) and my wife and step daughters can easily control my systems with them (main rig ios a Meridian 861/98 with six sources plus cable, PS3...) did you set it up right?

Which harmony remote did you buy?
Well, I guess I should have added, that I also purchased a HD DVD Player and my Pioneer TV is auto sensing input. Problem is the TV will not pick up the HDMI source right away. The player is killer, but it takes awhile to load and thus does not output signal right there is another source of frustration. I think I am going to call Harmony and see if they can help, maybe there is a way to delay switching the tv input?

Thanks for the help so far. Anyone have any luck with a different preamp processor that sounded as good?
the Harmony 1000 remote is a chunk of crap, everytime I have had to call for an issue or even when I spoke to a rep at the NYC audio show last May, they all agreed quietly that the remote is a rushed product with too many flaws to argue its quality or reliability.
It is possible to add delay to switching the input in Harmony's software; poke around and you'll find the option eventually.

The 1000 is flawed more by it's imposed restrictions. Even ten years ago I could customize the display and buttons on the original Pronto's, with the 1000 I am stuck with what they give me. I too have spoken to Harmony several times about fixing this (which would simply require software) but they aren't and have no plans to do it. I also suggested an RF->RS232 control system, which Theater Master has now, but they aren't doing that either. This is why the 1000 controls my plasma system in the bedroom and the 890 runs my reference rig, the 890 is just a more usable remote.


Do call Harmony, they have GREAT customer service for these remotes! I am sure they can walk you through it!
"Thanks for the help so far. Anyone have any luck with a different preamp processor that sounded as good?"

you may need to pose the question differently or search EAD Ovation, for opinions from EAD owners.

btw, I think the Universal mx3000 has options the harmony1000 does not, likepush thru macro programming to allow for super simple hot buttons for different users to perform complex tasks, so mom and child have their own interfaces set to their wants.